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Thanks again to the many viewers who responded to our questionnaire and for sharing their genuine opinions. We present below the tabulated results. Most of the comments appear unedited in their entirety.
(Respondents: 589)

1. When did you first become aware of the NN website? (please check one)
*2000(11%) *2001(14%) *2002(21%) *2003(22%) *2004(32%)

2. How did you become aware of the site? (please check one)
*via the press (print or broadcast)(13%) *via email(3%) *via a friend(32%)
*via a link on the Internet(33%) *via a search engine(18%)

3. From where do you usually watch NN live webcasts? (please check one)
*my home(84%) *my workplace(15%) *an Internet cafe(0.2%)
*the library or other public facility(0.2%) *other(0.6%)

4. How often to you watch the live webcasts? (please check one)
*everyday(45%) *2 or 3 times a week(32%) *once a week(10%)
*on a whim(12%) *hardly ever(1%)

5. About how long are your webcast-watching sessions? (please check one)
*my entire waking hours(5%) *2 or 3 hours(22%) *an hour or less(45%)
*I don't watch continuously, but stay continually connected(28%)

6. How much have you researched orca, sea turtles, or nature on the Internet or in books since watching NN live webcasts? (please check one)
*more(60%) *about the same(38%) *less(3%)

7. How has your sense of distance to nature changed since watching NN live webcasts? (please check one)
*I feel much closer(59%) *I feel somewhat closer(30%)
*no difference(10%) *I feel somewhat more distant(0.5%)
*I feel much more distant(0%)

8. Has your way of thinking about nature changed since watching NN live webcasts? (please check one)
*Changed considerably(24%) *Changed somewhat(31%)
*Hasn't changed(45%)

8.1. If you answered "changed" in #8, please describe how.


9. Have you been moved watching NN live webcasts? If yes, by what in particular?


10. Why do you watch NN live webcasts?
*as a hobby(75%) *to participate in the site-base communication(16%)
*for studies(10%) *other(31%)-answer

11. If you have any hopes or wishes for the future of NN please describe.


Your age (please check one)
*under 10(0%) *10-19(3%) *20-29(8%) *30-39(18%)
*40-49(27%) *50-59(29%) *60 or older(15%)

13. Sex (please check one)
*male(25%) *female(74%)

14. Where you live (please check one)
*metropolitan area(33%) *suburbs(60%)