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Q10. Why do you watch NN live webcasts?----other reason

 piece of mind,beautiful johnstone strait,the whales,the sunsets and the herring streams,lol.
 To listen to whe whales and water.  I find it very soothing
*other   The Sounds!!!  They are a gentle and some times not so gentle reminder of how to live my daily life.
A very strong emotion that I feel, whenever I watch
All the above. Because I love seeing the animals in there natural habitat, Because I have learned so much on the message board from Dr Spong and all the others. And I hope to learn how to tell which whale I am looking at and the sounds the different pods make. I have not been on TL as long I was just getting into it when the typhoons hit and I am looking forward to it getting back up so I can learn more about the turtles and other underwater creatures. 
allows me a contact with nature (in cyberspace) which I can no longer enjoy in 'realspace' since I became disabled
Also because I find it really therapeutic especially when I'm stressed. Its like escaping into another very pleasant world for a while
also stress relief, boredom relief (I work at home on the computer); to be part of a community; as an obsessive-compulsive "fix" to a certain extent, probably
and interest for future studies
And personal pleasure.
Answer by question 9.
As I said above, the OrcaSong touches my heart, and I love to have them in my home.  I just found NN & OL on Sept 18, and I feel privileged to be able to share whatever of their lives I can.
as part of my life. selfish, but it makes me feel good. I do get a lot of information from other links that are posted, and it makes me feel good that people share. 
beauty and peace.... connection with someone dear to me's, favourite community
because I am like an 'orcaholic' lol!
because I can't get enough of the orca. 
Because I have always been facinated by all aspects of nature.
because I love nature 
Because I love nature and orcas in particular and it is an amazing experiance to be able to watch them live in their natural habitat.
because I love the orca
because I think they are wonderful
because im interested - always loved the water
Because it makes me smile.
Because it 's the next best thing to being there.  
because my cat, home and myself enjoy the energy we receive from listening to the songs.
Because once I started I found a group of like-minded individuals with a curiosity about the world that I hadn't found elsewhere.  I also found a group of people from around the world who share ideas and thoughts openly and feel comfortable doing so in this forum.
Because orcas are fascinating.
Because they make me feel good!
enjoyment and to be aware of situations like Luna's
Entertainment, Relaxation, general interest. 
Face it, it's wonderful entertainment.  And I learn so much from all the participants (even though I have never participated in chat or comments).  Paul and Helena are so kind and make everyone feel welcome.  I've especially enjoyed the First Nations perspective that Ron (from Hesquiat Band, I believe)  brought this year.
Feel like I need to make sure my un-human friends are doing all right.
Find it very peaceful and relaxing.
for fun, to relax
for inspiration and spiritual growth
For knowledge of our surroundings and sights in this area,
For my job (teacher), for therapy.
for relaxation.
For research purposes - trying to learn about orca populations generally.
for the beauty
For the beauty and the relaxation that comes from the scenery and the wildlife
for the joy of observing live and remotely, and communicating with other watchers
For the pleasure of it.
For the pure enjoyment of being able to see them up close and thus making me want to learn more.
For the sheer enjoyment of partaking in your splendid world.
for the sheer enjoyment of watching and listening to nature live on the otherside of this wonderful country and off the coast of Japan.  the comments and knowledge sharing is unmatched on the net. You bring together people from all corners of the globe to share their joy over the critters antics and the migrating pine to the outrage at the amount of noise etc. generated by man into their world.
For the sheer enjoyment of watching.
General interest in the area as it's just up the road from where I live on Vancouver Island
I am disabled and enjoy very much to watch the live cast.
Almost as beg there.
And I very much enjoy to read comments too, and it's very educational, great people :)
I am fascinated by Orca family structure and could sit and watch them for hours, since I do not live on the coast this is the next best thing to being there. 
I am fascinated by whale behavior and feel a sense of peacefulness knowing that they exist in the world and and witness their existence in the natural world.
I am inspired by these creatures, and feel an almost spiritual connection with them, they really do touch something inside of me in a way that I never would have imagined
I am interested in nature...
I am interested in the Georgia Straits and Vancouver Island together with it's wlid life. !
I enjoy it
I enjoy the anticipation of the unexpected. 
I feel an admiration of and connection to the whales through your site.  I am drawn to check out the presence whenever I see your e-mail that they are in the vacinity of the cameras.  I am retired and use my computer frequently for writing, so I am able to call up the site and see what is happening.
I feel very connected to the orca and the work of Paul Spong & company.  I visited Telegraph Cove in 2003.
I find it relaxing
I find the broadcast very very therapeutic. Stress just fades away.
I find the underwater scenery and life both calming and fascinating.
I have been involved in several whale/dolphin research projects and this keeps me intouch.  Also, it is amazing the listen to the orca vocalizations live!
i have had a thirty-five year commitment to learning all i can about whales and dolphins.  over that period, i have been involved in many related causes, always reading to learn as much as possible.   i have done volunteer work in an aquarium and a zoo, and continue to help people learn and appreciate wildlife and wild places.  orca-live has been an authentic way to observe amazing animals, and to learn from the spongs. thank you for this opportunity!
I have loved the area and orcas since visiting Johnstone strait and kayaking there in 2000.
I have made many friends through the NN webcasts.
I have only participated online a couple of times, but I love to be a viewer.  I have gained wonderful information and accessed other sites because of the good information.
I have ticked 'other' as my watching has been for all the above reasons.  It began as a hobby, but has become much more than that.  The communication between people from all over the world is second to none and now I study on a regular basis....  It really is a complete experience for me!
I have to pick all of the above. I started watching and it lead to me studying anything and everything I could find out about the Orcas. And I find the communication on the site very interesting and helpful . But I'm their for the orca . 
I heard about your webpage from watching the local tv news, they were covering Orca sightings in Puget Sound.
I interested in all what happened in nature.
I just love the natural world.
I just love the sounds of the sea, and the whales.
I like it.  It's peaceful.
I like seeing the orca.
I like to keep up to date on The resident Orcas.
I like to know how our natural world and animals are doing as we are wiping out our planet and wildlife.  It is important that B.C. maintain what it has left as it is far better off still than many other areas in this world.
I like to tell others about it.  I hope they can also learn and appreciate WILD AND FREE Orcas.
I love animals ...
I love animals and wildlife
I love nature and I am a part of it.
I love nature, and this gives me a restful and yet exciting way to watch it live.
I love orcas!
I love orcas.
I love Orcas.
i love watching nature and this is as close to the ocean i can get  setting in my home
I love watching orcas, observing their behavior, trying to identify their calls.
I love wildlife, all kinds of wildlife, and watch many in the wild, just to see them and how they live. Fasinating..thanks again
I personally was born with a passion for orcas and the place they call home and this gives me the only chance I have of being there with them.
I really enjoy the ocean and being able to contect to a site that I can watch the tide come in or go out and all of the other things that the cameras pick up.  There are some many animals that live in the ocean and on the beach I enjoy watching when ever i can.
I started watching out of curiosity towards orcas and have become hooked! You could say it's a hobby, but it has become more of an "addiction".
I suppose you could call it a hobby. I just enjoy watching. I am a teacher and I show others also. 
I truly enjoy nature and NN live webcasts show me a very beautiful and wondrous part.
I used to live in B.C., I live in Holland now and miss the beauty of B.C. very much. I watch to feel closer to nature and the wildlife, mountains and waters of B.C. Seeing the Orca is the icing on the cake for me.
I visited the area where the Orca Live cams are on a sea kayaking trip so am always looking to reminded of the fantastic time i had in 2003.
I wanna see a whale underwater.
I watch and listen for the pure joy of it.
I work for Dept of Conservation here in NZ. Part of my job is working with MM. It is both a professional and private interest.
I would like to participate more at some point. 
I would not quite call it a hobby it is much more than that.
I"ve always loved orcas and plan on studying them in the future. 
I'm seldom able to participate in these types of activities "live" and so really appreciate "being there".
In addition to my feelings for wild life and the engagement for it.
In my classroom to let children see the beauty and these amazing mammals.
In the hope to observe orcas in the wild, but so far, no luck
interest in seakayaking
Interested in Orcas and find the webcasts very soothing while working at my desk.
It expands my understanding of the circle of life and expands my network of folks that offer avenues of rersearch on an novice level.
it gives a tremendous sense of place
It gives me great pleasure and an awareness.
It has a profound calming effect on me, to bad I couldn't watch it during rush hour :O)
It has connected me to issues that have been important to me in the past, but not on such a personal level.  I am planning a move towards some environmentally related work in the future and plan on relocating to the pacific northwest area in the next 5 years.
it inspires a lot of poetry
It is an amazing area!
It is an amazing opportunity to connect with a place that many of us have always dreamed of visiting. It's a window into a world that many people have admired from afar and now have the opportunity to see it right before their eyes.
It is fascinating and an excellent use of technology to bring this to my desktop on demand!
it is lovely..
it is of work interest. I like to see the orcas, but I am also interested in this as a communication vehicle that connects people to the cycles of nature. 
It is so cool to see these animals in thier natural habitat instead of seeing them in imprisoned in some zoo type establishment.
it is stimulating and makes me think of being near the ocean
It is the best access to seeing wild life in its natural habitat.
It's cool! 
ITs exciting to hear and see these beautiful creatures
It's good to care for our planet.
It's such a joy to be able to view these beautiful creatures via live webcasts - It's the next best thing to being there in person!  I've also learned so much from the comments and websites provided by other viewers.
Just a great place for exchange of information by orca-live and the viewers.
just enjoy it
just to see the whales.. I am from that area and like to view it.
Keeps me connected to the world from my studio here in NYC - influences me in so many ways - my work - my mood - my feelings about the possibilities for our world enhanced by your presence in my life
Let me participate in the research going on.
Living in a city, limit your connection to nature on a daily basis. I find that  NN brings me closer to nature when I can't be there in person, it makes me feel a part of the universe and the wonderful people I have met on this site share the feeling of commitment to preserving and protecting nature through care and education.
Love to see wildlife
More like an obsession, Ive been an orcaholic since taking a trip with Stubbs in 1992.
My children love to watch it
My fascination with your live webcasts will never end!  The rhythm & the flow of the water is just so peaceful & calming.
My five year old daughters school is studying orcas. but Emily is happy to see the turtles too.
My love of Killer Whales
My sister lives in Juneau Alaska and we have visited a couple of times.  It makes me feel closer to her and the area.
NN started out for me as a hobby then very quickly changed to serious study of a species I'd always felt drawn to but knew very little of. Orca Live has given me the opportunity to become so inspired & passionate about not just orcas but by all wildlife, that every living wild creature should be just that, FREE & WILD. Slowly, without realizing, I found that I had a  feeling of belonging with the people on the comment board. Their comments teach me, inspire me & give me a passion for a subject that is now so close to my heart.... a true Global family who truely care about one another with respect & kindness & love.
Not only for myself but to teach my grandchildren the importance of protecting nature.  In turn, my children, even being adults are observing their children and also learning.
OL is facinating and informative.  And the scenery is great to.
Orcas are the most fascinating mammals for me... 
Orcas interest me.
Own research...
personal edification
Personal growth and knowledge, and to be closer to nature.
Please note that I did not become aware of the site by any of the means listed.  I saw OL demonstrrated at the Biennial Conference of Marine Mammals in Vancouver.
Pure and utter enjoyment.
pure enjoyment
See #9
See above
See above answer.
See above box
self enjoyment
sheer pleasure of watching the orcas
Stress reduction 
The "community" site is wonderful - I have made some great internet friends and have learned so much from and through these wonderful people!
The connection to wildness
The enjoyment of seeing the whales from a camera located in their environment gives us the unique opportunity to see them without disturbing them. Wonderful!
The technical aspects incorporated by OL should be the standard approach if at all possible when doing field research.
There is a certain "pull" which has been present since first logging on - hearing the orcas, seeing the underwater life, watching the sunrises & sunsets etc.  As I'm sure many others will attest, it's quite addictive....but in a nice way!
This gives me a reality check in a stressful work environment.
To appreciate life, that is rarely seen.
To be able to listen to their songs.
To be transported to a completely different environment than my own.
to connect to the natural world . . . in front of a computer - how pathetic!!!
to feel closer to nature and to be filled with awe. i feel as though these are blessings that i would not usually be blessed with otherwise.
to fill my time and learn. There is much free time for an old disabled/retired lady. lol 
to get connected to the wild
to learn about orcas
To learn more about orcas
To maintain an awareness of other sentient life.
To recapture my own whale-watching experiences, and to live vicariously through those lucky enough to be part of the network.
To see an incredible view in real time of these wonderful  animals, living free.
to see the beautiful orcas and hear the wonderful sound.
To see the beauty of nature.
To see the interaction between the pod members and to create awareness in our children
To stay in touch with the Orcas in the Johnstone Strait area as I spend my summers in the Strait.
to watch orcas
Total enjoyment and serenity
Very Relaxing and Entertaining...Love to turn on the computer and just listen or watch.
Viewing the site is a source of relaxation and connection with a place I unfortunately live too far away from. 
Visual closeness to creatures not found in the "plains" of Oklahoma
watching orca live grounds me, calms me, let's me have hope.
communicating with new found friends? priceless!
Well, I started because of my friend, she was just so jazzed that Blackney and Pointer were in the Blight. I was curious. Now I go because it intriges me to watch how they react to each other and to the boats that come through the area while they are there. Now I go there because it relaxes me. The sounds of their calls sooth me for some reason. Even the sound of just the water coming through the speakers has a relaxing quality for me.
Worked at OrcaLab several years ago.  Currently conduct sea turtle research in Florida.