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Q11. If you have any hopes or wishes for the future of NN please describe.

    I have had several problems with real player. I wish there were more camera's.  I also wish that it could possibly put an end to whale and seal hunting.
 just to start earlier in the year,i miss it so much,middle of may or early june would be nice.
 Keep on doing this, it's so good to have information in this way!
 The dedication of all who work and sponsor NN is truly amazing and I hope that it may continue.  I hope that the popularity of these sites continues to spread but that the friendly, informative group feeling persists.
Practical wishes
- More bandspace for others to watch without getting locked out. (What about reasonable length timed-outs?)
- A better way of ordering products.  The ordering system doesn't always process the information - don't know where credit card details go but it is worrying!
- When you give live comments they are often blurred or hard to hear/understand.
- A  few less technical problems with the live feeds.
A wolf-live site would be awesome.  I wish that NN could somehow further instill in viewers that humans don't need to "invade" these creatures' homes to appreciate and connect with them.  I am often dismayed by the number of people who, after viewing orca-live, feel the need to go to Johnstone Strait to go whale watching in boats.  I understood that one of the main purposes of this exercise was to try to preclude the need for this. The other big wish is that NN sites be piped into public facilities such as zoos, aquarium, malls? :)
Ability to see it with what programme or computer ever.
All nature studies are fascinating if done correctly and not staged for television productions.  My wife and I would take time to watch almost any presentation you may have if they are done as well as the orcas.
An above water surface nature cam at Blackney Pass to watch the seabirds, Canadian vs American boats, or just the tidal rips?  
An application that automatically brings the NN site on screen when there is a specific level of activity or sound.
An expanded program of the Nature network to include interaction with school children.
As long as the broadcasts continue I will be grateful. Of course, no matter how great it already is, I always want more cameras!! Also would like more info about the area that I'm watching.
At first: sorry for my bad English
I would like to see you more , but in the
present I'm very busy   I appreciate
very much your work and I hope you
will continue on this way. All people
working for nature and environment
make me feel that this world has a
chance to survive. Thanks. With love.
Best wishes for the new year. Antonella
better camera work
Bigger, more detailed camera capabilities
clean air, no hunting and no more burning rain forests or clear-cutting of trees.    I wish we could live with nature and animals and not take any more of their land and  waters.
Closer views and more steady streams
continue and lift up the quality of the images

continue please
Continue to do what you do and more if possible.
Continue to grow and prosper so that more will care through  your efforts.
Continue what you are doing.  As an extension/outreach educator, your site provides an opportunity to get people involved in nature no matter where they live.
Continued and broadened success of your mission -- coverage all over the planet.
Continued success. And maybe a couple of more surface cameras in differing positions.
don't go away!
Dynamic rather than static cameras.
fast and easy watching (software)
For you to be able to continue with your work in reaching out to us, the viewing public.  The more exeprience we get of this the more we will respect nature & be driven to keep this world a clean & healthy place to surround us.  I also hope it will educate people to want to become vegetarians, stop killing other species.
Full computer screen size of the live broadcasts.
Go on with your wonderful work!
Go on!!!!!!
hope NN will be able to keep up this good work
Hopes - wishes - Please, still be here.
i am greatly satisfied with nn, it's probably my favourite site to tune into, and if people could hear more about nn and tune into the orcalive webcasts or the sea turtle ones, more and more people would undertand what nature has to offer.
I am quite certain that everyone in the OL and NN Community would unanimously ask for additional cameras in the Johnstone Strait area.  We also all understand the need to close down for the Winter but a year round fixed camera overlooking Johnstone Strait would warm many hearts.
I am so grateful that NN is available to me and all the others that share this wonderful site. As the years go by I notice new names in the comment section which makes me smile, as I know that NN lovers are spreading the word of a mans vision, his commitment to nature and his message in my mind is "that we must all be guardians of what we have been given" My wish for NN is to remain as you are,  accessible, knowledgeable, and that you continue to share all the knowledge that you too learn everyday from Nature. 
I cannot imagine it being any better than what it is.  It is very relaxing to watch after a stressful day at work or after a day spent hiking on the mountain side.
I dearly hope it can continue as I now have my grandchildren watching it too. It is so unique and such a wonderful idea, and the very best use of the internet by far.
I do hope NN will continue to provide the webcasts.
I enjoyed receiving the orca alerts by email, which, when on line, allowed me to view the orca.  I was never able to view them on the under water cameras, but did enjoy the surface camera sitings and the kelp and small fish under water camera.

I have learned so much and  gained so much pleasure from it, I just want it to continue, please! I think the work and committment that everyone involved puts in is fantastic and commendable
I have not been able to access the live broadcasts this year which has been very disspointing.
I have wanted to become a marine biologist since I was 8 (I'm now 14) and study orcas inh the wild in British Colombia. Orca-Live has given me some insite into what I wish to do in the future.
I hope and pray that NN continues on for years to come.  I believe they are doing great work on behalf of the Orca.
I hope and wish that all of you just keep working with the same ilussion the next year, sincerely you make this world better showing to the magnificent wonders of nature!
I hope funding is stable so that NN can continue to do its excellent work of allowing us insights into the natural world by keeping us close to nature. Hopefully from this connection people will be more inspired to do their part to protect the natural environment and its creatures from many threats, such as ocean pollution, global warming, noise pollution, habitat encroachment....
Joining and supporting groups that advocate for nature is a way to do this.
I hope in continues every year.
I hope it continues as it is.  I enjoy it.
I hope it gets bigger and better so to make it easier to watch or listen to.  I hope to catch the whales underwater some time.  I hope the stream gets better so I don't freeze as often.
I hope it keeps on going!
I hope it stayes online for ever because I gave the website to lots of kids and they became very interested in nature
I hope it will continue and draw new audiences who can help maintain the creatures  like orcas, or at least try to save the environment for them and us.
I hope it will continue.  It is too important and such a wonderful web site.  I enjoy watching other wildlife sites as well.  We are truly blessed to have visual access to the rubbing beach.  It would be nice to expand camera sites, if possible.
It would be a dream for me to visit the lab and I have often wondered if that is possible and if one could be a volunteer for a while.
I hope it will last and that it will also help protecting orcas and their environment. 
I hope more types of animals can be added.
I hope NN goes on forever so everyone has a chance to view Nature at it's best.
I hope NN keeps going strong.  It's a wonderful thing and frankly I can't imagine a summer without Orcas anymore!
I hope NN will continue to broadcast and educate people about the Orca's and their environment.  
I hope NN will continue to grow and flourish, not only in the number of viewers but the scope of NN. I hope there will be more cameras in years to come, covering other aspects of nature all over the world.
I hope Orca Live will be back in 2005. 
I hope that it continues to gain a bigger audience so that more people across the world can have a better appreciation and understanding of not only just the Orca, but of all nature in general.
I hope that NN can continue to grow, adding more cameras and more people, and that the continuous growth of NN will inspire people to either enhance, or develop respect for Nature and all She has to offer.
I hope that NN remains online for many years to come - because to lose it would be a sad day for the thousands of people who use it to connect with the natural world on a daily basis. I only wish for it to grow to many more areas around the globe.
I hope that NN stays on the web. I would miss it if it left. It is like a virtual field trip that I can go on whenever I want. It is great for my students too. Some of them have never been more than 60 miles from home. I do have a minor suggestion. Have at least one camera above water. There have been times when both cameras were under water, there were no orca sounds and I tuned out right away.
I hope that NN will be able to continue and expand what they have offered in the past.  As I work with a nonprofit agency, I hope for the opportunity for additional funds to operate NN without the constant worry of where the funds will be coming from to run such a wonderful site.
I hope that NN will be able to expand its capabilities to bring orcca live and other similar sites to the world.  I hope that you can sustain meaningful research and draw the financial support needed to continue your good works.
I hope that the public will continue to support this awesome organization and will follow up with financial support to insure that it is around for a long time!
I hope that the screen improves when enlarged, it becomes all distorted. When I first started watching, the screen was fine, but have found that while you makes changes to improve, the clear screen has gotten smaller, and the large screen has become distorted. If this could change, that would be my wish. Full screen would be so much better. Easier to watch while watching as a family.
I hope that the web site is able to keeping going.  I tell all my friends about the site and they have told their friends.  I did'nt know how many people are interested in this web site.
I hope that through the efforts of NN that more people will become aware of the beauty of nature and realize that we (humans) are not the only creatures that matter on this earth.
I hope that you are able to continue sharing your passion and fascination for the wonders of the natural world, after all where else could you sit and watch spikey try to consume the camera, or view the seastar from below. The curiousity of psycho-fish for the turtle live camera is amazing (I know he's just seeing his reflection but still...) Congratulations to the students contributing to both orca-live and turtle-live, with young people like you dedicated to the natural environment perhaps there is hope for our world.
I hope they will keep showing people live footage of the life in the seas. Documentaries aren't everything.
I hope this will be something I can eventually share with my children (when I have some!) I hope more and more people will become aware of NN , and learn from it about the wonderful world that is out there. Thanks for everything.
I hope through donations, funding, etc. that NN can be a long term goal.  It has certainly opened up a portion of nature to the entire global community.
I hope to have more sites, like for the southern resident orcas off San Juan Island, WA who sometimes have 100 boats following their every move.  NN would make the whales and peoples lives better by allowing people to watch and listen to them without being in a boat.
I hope what I hear as the undersea 'noises' are certainly 'for real'.  I only mention this because at times it seems like very 'repetitious' ongoing set-of-sounds????  My hopes for your website for the future is that you're able to carry on for many years, as you have been -
which is a 'job well done' & 'maintained'!?!
I hope you can expand your coverage for the Orcas. More cameras etc.
I hope you do all like the moment
I hope you have continued support and good fortune in all your work.
Always work safe.
I hope you keep up your work.
I hope you will continue to stay online as I so enjoy listening to the whale song. When ever you've let me know by email that they're near the cameras, or can be heard, I log on and keep the speakers up on high while I check my email.  It's thrilling to see them surface. 
I hope you will continue with your "under water show". In 2002 we saw orcas going by ferry to Vancouver Island. They are so beautiful!
I hope your funding still allows you to continue to do what you do.  I would like to see your sight monitored in the school systems.  I know it would only be for a few months in the Fall but I think it would be beneficial. 
I hoper that NN will bring out more DVDs and a special DVD which has vocalisations per Pod. I also hope that they will continue to provide this unique service.
I just hope that it will continue .... it is too good to be true !
i just hope that i'ts able to continue in the streaming format that it currently is in. 
I just hope that NN will continue for many years and that Dr. Spong's great work and visions for the whales will also continue. 
I just hope this continues! It is so peaceful and serene to watch and listen to these amazing creatures. 
I just wish I had DSL to streeming would be better
I little larger image size and perhaps higher resolution.
I love it already. growth for the nature network would look like:
* better quality audio so the natural sounds come through cleaner without the boat or motor sounds.
* more interaction with viewers
* more species covered in different eco-zones
I only watch the Orca-live broadcast and I cannot think of anything to do to change it - unless it would be to get more cameras - although there are a lot of them now and more have been put on since I've been watching.
I seem to have had trouble with  actual 
computer communications this year (2oo4).
Last year problems.
I only hope that I will continue to have access
to this web site,  it truly gives me pleasure.
I sincerely hope that the streaming cams will always be there, because I believe it makes people around the world aware of the need to protect nature.
I sincerely hope that this project will continue for the years to come. It would be a great loss if it didn't.
I think it would be interesting to read more indepth papers or research that has been conducted by OrcaLab. I enjoy watching the whales, but would like to learn more about their behaviour, migration, and family histories.
I think NN is great the way it is. I wish there was a remote cam in Johnstone Strait for the winter months, or at least an acoustical broadcast, so we could listen for Orcas like Orcalab does, but I know that is unrealistic due to the weather. I am not sure how does it.. but I think it takes a  lot of monitoring. I also realize that there is not that much wildlife there in the winter. I am not a computer techie, but I am amazed at the quality of the webcasts as they are. They are wonderful.
I want to thank all of you for the wonderful work you do.  
I wish and hope for continued success of the project.  Being from the prairies, it gives me great pleasure to be apart of a different ecosystem.
I wish the program to contiue as I really enjoy watching everything that you bring on your screen.I usually sit here and watch on and off for hours. Keep up the nice work, love it.
I wish you all the best and hope that you continue to keep up the good work and thank you for sharing all your fun up there with us. I often wish I was living up there, and can get away from the "rat race".
I wish you all the best.I hope your site is always available.I would like to see this in our schools.
I would like the Orca watch to carry on and for it to be sucsessful.
I would like to be hands on in monitoring Orcas in the wild
I would like to know or even see links at  the Orca site to other scientific studies that employ the same methods ... of giving live views of other animals, aquatic beings.
I would like to see NN a required part of science and social lessons at all levels of education, information is the key to understanding, and education is the tool
I would like to see NN expand to include other species of wildlife.  Also I would like to see the word spread and the number of viewers to grow and perhaps in years to come to outstrip the demand that is currently fed by the captive industry.  I would also like to think that in time I could participate in some way...  perhaps through something in my own area?  Most of all I wish to see NN grow.  I have heard it said many times... "This is what the internet was invented for"
I would like to visit your physical sight
I would love the pictures to be larger. Full screen or half screen would be my wish.
I would love to have the radio communication from CP and Eagle Eye on the net.
I would love to see a camera for other species of marine mammals - and to just see the wonderful work that you do carry on from strength to strength. 
I would love to see it open all year.  I would also like to be able to view the Southern Residents.
I would love to see more camera locations and more "behind the camera" comments from the person on site.
I would love to see more marine mammals featured like dolphins or seals or even manatees. 
I would love to see this extended of course to other types of wildlife - bald eagles for instance or any creature for that matter that shares this world with us. Being able to see them in their natural habitat inspires us to learn more about them and gives people from all parts of the world the opportunity to experience wildlife first hand and maybe to conduct their own little bit of fieldwork. It also brings people together with a common interest, one that can only benefit the survival of the creatures though the knowledge gained and hopefully passed onto others.
I would say only to make announcements that more accurately describe the activity to come, or on air.

Also to take care with placement of microphones and cameras, as often the cameras duplicate images.

Sound is usually accurate, but if the mike is not placed exactly, sounds, esp. water sounds, are muffled.
I would want everyone to know about this wonderful site if more people knew about the orca and their needs it would be much easier to get the habitat and whales protected.
I'd like it to continue.  I'd like to have more camera's to catch Orca's even more frequetly.  This seems like a very safe & non-invasive way for us to view & understand them.  Also, it seems to be a fun way to be educated without even realizing it.
I'd love to see a penguin camera somewhere.  or a manatee camera.
If only you could coax the whales to stick around all year!
i'm appreciating comments being open late. i'm still copy/pasting sites to explore! i pray it willstill be on for generations to come so that they might experience the heart stopping sight of their first orcas in the wild. i need to make a committment to donate each month. there seems to be a movement towards that goal. i strongly support it. i pray you and your family stay strong and healthy so that you can continue to do your work. our earth needs people who are willing to work hard at making sure that we don't lose what we have.
In my opinion it is great as it is!
In regards to the web cam sight, the opportunity to watch a bigger image so that the experience was more vivid would be nice.

Apart from that I hope that NN becomes a stronger voice and is able to fulfill their highest aspirations :)
It would be wonderful if schools could get more information about the high school supporting Turtle-live and maybe open some communication between the schools. 
It would be wonderful if there was a way to share the knowledge NN has gained over the years.  Comments about behavior, individuals, etc would be my ultimate wish.
It's absolutely perfect as is.  I only hope that you do not limit the time that we can watch, such as The Elephant Sanctuary does.  It's very special to come in from outside and see the wonderful underwater scenes.  Very peaceful and makes one aware of the beauty (and fragility) of our special place in the world.
Just continue on as you have been doing.
just continue what you are doing
Just for it to keep up the good work that it has been doing and that it is always available ever year!
Just go on sharing the Orcas and the beauty of the B.C. waters, please - your work really is appreciated here!
Just keep doing what your doing. 
Just keep going and please try to reach as many kids as possible so the new genration of policy makers will be more environmentally aware
Just keep it going and thanks.
Just keep them running so that we can learn more. The more we know, the more we can do to protect wildlife, and teach the next generations.
Just keep up the good work that you are doing
Just keep up the great work that you do.I give my many thanks to you Dr Spong and your great family and crew.I know my grandchildren now enjoy  whatching as well.
Just keep up this wonderful work you are doing. You have touched my life and I'm grateful.
Just more of the same.
Just PLEASE keep doing this amazing work!
Just that it continue to be one of the best sites on the net!
just that it remains on-line
Just that we could have 24/7 webcam!
Just that you continue with your good works. You know better than i what needs to be done. 
just to continue on its just cause.
just to keep doing what you do!
Just to stay Online forever,don't change too much stay simple,and thanks for all you do.
just want to say thank you for bring this program into my home
just wishing all well   and hoping that the study of the whales is some value to the population and our understanding that we live in their world   they were here first,
keep broadcasting
Keep going.  
Keep it going its awsome!
Keep on going your way! With your work you preserve our nature and make it visible for everybody, too.
Keep on keeping on
Keep the lines of communication open.... we need to be reminded that one small voice, over and over and over ...can make a difference.
keep up the good work
Keep up the good work
keep up the good work
keep up the good work they are doing.... thanxs
Keep up the good work!!!
Hope you always have the financal support you need for your research.
Keep up the good work.
Keep up the good work.
keep up the great work! i am happy you are sharing your research with us!
Keep up the great work! Try to get the NN into schools, there are kids that live in land-locked areas that have never seen anything like it, to them all Orcas are "Shamu". Here in Southeast AK, my kids have never seen a cow!
keep up the great work!!
Keep up the great work.
Keep up the wonderful work - it is truly enjoyed.
keep up this wonderfull work
Larger viewing area possibly.
Larger viewing windows, better resolutions
More cameras! 
LiveCams can protect wildlife against mistreating, hunting and the like
Long may it continue...
Materialistically - that the site allow more viewers. I was bumped off so many times this year after waiting hours to see the orcas.

Educationally - like on a tour - perhaps an educated "narrator" on the site when we are watching something amazing. This would allow us to learn not guess what we are seeing.  This could be in writing once a day with regard to the day's viewing. ie: bubble feeding, spy hopping, etc. A This was the day that was sort of column. 
May it continue in a stronger and wider capacity
May you prosper in your work and continue to change views of the orcas and others.

Selfishly, I hope you get enough funding to have more than 200 on at a time, because I never got to see the real excitement. It was always "Full House."
More cameras and areas covered.  
More cameras more sites and I hope you can find the funding to make it all happen.  Good Luck.
More cameras!
More camera's!!!  It is a rare experience to catch a glimpse into these ecosystems and provides most with sights they would never see otherwise.
More cameras, larger viewing screen. It is awsome to see and hear Nature at it's best!
More cams and photos
More clarity of the images, wider coverage (as in more locations, not  wider field of view).
More habitats showing different wild animals
more live camcorders of nesting birds, spawning fish,etc. Any-thing that would increase ones knowledge and awareness of our flora and fauna
More live cams
More live webcast sites.
More locations!!
more of the same! PLEASE
More of the same!! Maybe improve on the quality and size of the webcam. Year round if possible.
More of the same... it would be nice to have more cameras... also audio of the blows while in the straight would be cool, but probably not practical.
More open encouragement of viewers to lobby the appropriate government agencies to protect the Orcas and other sealife from chemical/noise pollution and physical harassment. There are probably other viewers like myself who feel there's nothing they can do to help and don't know who has the authority to change things. Therefore, maybe NN could provide viewers with the names, titles and addresses of relevant government officials. This way we could all do our part and write to them with constructive suggestions.
More sites around the world - Cape Breton Island for example!

comment boards available year round!

May you prosper and thrive as your wonderful work brings us all together to honor and protect our natural world!!!!

Blessings on you all for this work!
More user slots and more cameras... But mainly more user slots. :)
More webcams!
My biggest frustration in the last year has been having delayed Alerts. Usually by the time I recieve them the whales have left.
My biggest hope is that Orca-Live is able to continue to operate their website;  after being lucky enough to visit OrcaLab this summer, I have so much respect for the long hours of hard work Paul & Helena and their helpers do all summer long researching the orcas.  Thank you so much for the support you give them to make their ongoing venture possible!!!!!!!!!
My hope & wish is to win a serious $ lottery and pass on to  you folks some additional funding to further your research and promote NN to everyone who has an internet connection!
Failing that for everyone who has signed up to NN to promote it to their friends and neighbours and get you some neighbourhood based funding or if carefully screened to get some serious commercial funding (kind of like PBS based) to continue your work. 
My hope for you is that you are able to attract sufficient funding/ donations to continue your research and public service.
My hope is that by providing this service, the NN will open more minds and hearts to preserve the oceans and its inhabitants, making people more involved in helping save the seas.
My hope is that it may continue!!!
My hope is that NN continues.
My hope is that the NN can continue its great work for the future. We can watch and hear the wildlife without disturbing them.
My hope is that you will always have this website, as my children and I watch it together and learn so much.  It is amazing to watch the wild orca's and think about how deep the ocean must be to hold them, or how they are able to keep their family structure together.  As a family, we truly love your website.
My hope is to have more NN site added to the group with more web cams of other wild life.It ia also my hope that the world population remembers just how fragile nature really is.
My hope s that NN can continue to bring the world these incredible webcasts.
My hopes and wishes are for your dreams, hopes and wishes to become a reality.  I trust in your direction and want for nothing else.  When new cameras appeared at the Rubbing Beach, I was ecstatic and enjoy the new view, but I trust in your timing to add to the network.  I honestly don't believe that there is anything I could mention that you have not already thought of and that will be coming at the appropriate time.
My hopes are that more and more people are made aware of this site so the can see how beautiful these creatures are and join in the fight for their future survival.
My hopes for the future are that you keep up the excellent work you have been doing in providing these sites for us and maybe even add another site or two. Thanks to you I can watch things I would never have been able to see. Your hard work is very much appreciated.
Thank You
my i-net connection is too slow :( if thngs in the future change i'll be watching as often as possible
My only wish is that the site were more compatible with my iMac.  
My wish is for continued transmission on the web with perhaps a broadening of sites around the world...penguins in Antarctica for instance.
My wish is that the NN continues doing what it is doing.  It would be great to expand the area and have more camera views.
Nature Network has opened my eyes even more as to the importance of protecting our environment.  I hope that NN can broadcast for a very long time so that others will understand the importance of our co-operation with Nature.
Never seen anything on the underwater camers... only kelp. fish and whale sounds.
Never,never leave us:)
I would love NN to be able to offer us more opportunities like Orca Live & Turtle Live to view & learn about other wildlife where there is no intrusion or invasion into their habitat, where the animals come first and not be disturbed for our entertainment. 
NN brings people in touch with animals in a very real time way. In doing that it makes people want to know more. In doing a bit of research one learn that we affect the animals lives in many remote ways.
I would like to see more animals on live feeds such as Orca. 
NN has provided an opportunity for people all over the world to participate in and enjoy the wonder of nature.  Thank you so much for all you do.
Perhaps more live webcasts such as wolves, bears, etc. (in the wild).
no, is really great how it is now might be me and my lack of knowledge on computers...but I wish I could watch full screen.
One particular wish for the future of NN would be that government funds be more realily available for the study of the orcas (as well as other animals).  I also hope that more companies (I believe someone said that the TD Bank is supportive of NN) jump onto the support bandwagon, so that all the technical equipment etc. necessary for such a project can be purchased immediately when necessary.
only that the good work continues, and could maybe grow (not sure how).
Only that you continue your invaluable work in bringing knowledge of Orca Whales to the greater population.
Orca Live ROCKS!  I wish for you to expand!
Other web cams would be cool, too. 
Perhaps more live webcasts?
Please allow us to watch on anything except the dreaded RealPlayer.
Please be able to reach everyone , everywhere, and make them aware how precious all living creaturesare and how we need to protect them and save their habitat.
Please continue to broadcast orca live.
Please continue to do what you do!  I cannot imagine not listening to the orcas everyday!  
Please continue!
Please continue!  maybe increase your bandwidth to accommodate more viewers.
Please continue!!
Please continue.  Your work makes my world a better place.
Please do continue, I love to participate in this.
Please do not ever leave.  I have sent this site to friends across Canada and they are so appreciative.  I love having this opportunity.
Please don't stop.
Please just keep it going..
Please keep doing what you are doing.  I can't imagine my life without you!
please keep up the good work.
Please, please don't stop. Offer monthly donation opportunities. Get children involved. They are the ones who will make the difference.
Real stream format is not so available. I hope you use MWV or MPG stream format.
should I win the lottery, you shall have a good donation. Until then, I can only tell my friends and family what good work you do.
some technical limitations exist with proxy usage in the workbased environement for me in particular.
i only wish i could stream from the office and catch that the fleeting sights of a few dosals during the chaos of the business of work.
it would be grand to have dailies/or weeklies that could be downloaded and viewed.
i do await the yearend highlights...wish the could be available throughout the season.
sometimes a better internet connection, but most of all, stay as you are!!! IT`S GREAT!
Sometimes the announcements that the orcas are near the camera don't get to me soon enough but I realize that can involve many reasons. Keep up the good work. Its a pleasure and an honor to be able to view the live webcasts.
Spread the word about the garden and awaken more to the truth about the Nature/God connection    :-)
Thank you for wonderful pictures.
THANK YOU so much for providing this site to everyone. It seems that as we the world grows busier and more hectic, we as a people become more and more alienated from the natural world. The NN helps to provide a reminder of the fantastically beautiful place we call home.  Cheers to many more exciting viewing seasons on NN!
Thank you very much.  It would be very interesting if NN could provide live broadcasts of other types of animals as well, although I don't have any specific animals in mind at the moment.  Perhaps, listening to the low frequency voices of elephants, etc...

Also, stereo quality multi-channel audio, if not provided already, would give deeper realism to the experience.
That a lot of people look into the NN and thereby try to understand much better the orcas and the nature.
That is it has delayed cover for us who live on the other side of the world!
That it be sustainable, that more wildlife be involved with more people (but that the human communities don't get so big that we can't know each other); that it continue to be non bueraucratic and nonprofit; that new visionary leaders identify themselves, be nurtured and take responsibility for NN's sustainability.
That it continue is the most important. To have one of the underwater cameras deep enough to get more/better underwater shots.

To possibly be able to "replay" some of the action if you missed it.
That it continue; this is wonderful & invaluable.
That it continues and makes more people see this as an excellent way of keeping in touch with nature without disturbing it. A way or learning about our planet and the wildlife and hopefully changing peoples attitudes 
that it continues for years to come
That it continues!

That it continues. 
Would really like to see the return of the surface mic at the rubbing beach.  That was awesome. 
It would also be nice if the various cam views had some way to ID in the corner of the screen to let us know what depth the underwater cam is.  Definitely would like an online archive with the different calls for each of the Clans [similar to the 'common calls' now available in About Orca, but greatly expanded & refined]  A DVD or CD-ROM with same would be great, also.
That it may become widely known and it can be brought into classrooms and sensibilize people. 
That it never shuts down
That it reaches more people.  Creates more financial contributions to aid in research and publications.  That the will of NN and it's contributors reach agencys that must accept their participation in the demise of our, their eco system.
That it will come back year after year so I can keep watching!
that it will continue
that it will continue to be broadcast on the internet in order to let many more people realize just how fragile our planet and wildlife is.
That it will continue to do as you do now and keep letting us the public see your beautiful part of the world. And also keep us up to date on what is happing to the whales and other animals and land that is in danger of being destroyed.
That more people are touched by nature
and are more aware of the need to protect
nature's habitats and all that reside within.
that more people will become aware
That networks like the Nature network continue to exist.   
That OL and it's affiliates will continue to grow and promote nature - being itself - in it's own right and the need for conservation, eco-friendly environments - that these vital resources are a priviledge, not a right, for humans to interact and share the planet with - that most importantly, NN does not change it's m.o. as it is setting an industry standard.  
That organizations like yours will not need to exist for environmental activism a doctor that doesn't have any sick people to attend to...sure its bad for the doctor but great that no one is sick anymore.
That the feed would go smoother, even with large quantities of viewers.
That the great work will continue for years and years :)
And that there will come a lot of sponsors so maybe more cameras :)
That the Network keep existing the next years, and the protection from the nature keeps alive
that they are able to continue to show the world the beauty
That they carry on doing the fantasic job of raising awareness to people around the world that probably wouldnt get the chance to see Orca etc.
that they get more funding for valuble research
That they remain online.
That we will be able to see more and get closer shots at the whales.
That you can continue your good work and grow in order to educate as many people in the world as possible.
That you continue broadcasting.
That you continue on forever and gain wide popularity and become the a well-utilized option for those seeking close experiences with nature (hopefully by replacing the need for people to actually visit these areas, thereby preserving tyhe environment)
That you continue with the work you are doing, and continue with the web site.
That you continue your work, that it connects with the world so that all can enjoy the beauty of nature along with educating those who would other wise not be aware of the conciquences of man.
That you continue.
That you get lotsa money to keep funding this....
That you keep sharing the natural world with people through your camera's eye.
That you may never cease to operate for our children and grandchildrens sake.
That you never lose your mandate in difficult times. That your experience reaches a broader audience and affects greater change.  
That you stay running.  It is important for people to be able to see what you do.
That you will be able to provide this wonderful service for many years to come.
That you would continue to offer such a wonderful service and offering the footage on dvd is a perfect idea.
The ability to bring my children out to see these animals in their natural habitat.  I'd like to see viewing "stations" that would allow the public to come and see these creatures, but not disturb them.  I'd like to see these viewing stations have "rangers" informing the public about Killer Whales.  I'd like to see a discovery tourist attraction so that people can see them in the wild and learn to love and protect them from that.
The continued support of Orca Live. Paul, Helena and crew of Orca Live/Orca Lab have taught me and my family so much about nature and wildlife.
The only thing i could suggest is to keep up the great work that you are doing.
The Orca Live project is perfect just as it is! I would like all those who make this possible to know how much I appreciate it.
There used to be a live broadcast of Race Rocks in the Victoria area.  I am not sure if it is still going or not.  This area has Orcas, seals, sea lions, cormorants, etc.   I would love to see a live broadcast from there.  
This last year I've had trouble logging on to the cameras with my Mac desktop - I hope the new year will bring the webcasts back.
To be able to say that the orchas are doing excellent.
To be around for many years to come!
To be told when the best time to watch wouuld be if any or let us know when they are most likely to be near the cameras.
To continue funding Orca live and make all the latest technology available for this purpose....thank you so very very much for funding this site
To continue the excellent work in keeping wildlife free & in their natural environment.
to continue the good work and add more cammeras in more environments
to continue the great work thats been done
To continue what they are doing !!
To expand the idea and share other interesting places and species with this growing community
To have more camera's, or even better camera's that could get the veiwer closer to the Orca's.  Maybe to get the boats with propellors banned from the area ? I know that it won't ever be a possablity to get all boats to stay away, but if the didn't use props, there would be less damage to the whales if one happened to hit a boat.
To improve the ease of web access to live broadcsats. Quite often I have difficulty linking because I don't have the matching software. I'm a Mac user and sometimes your software is not Mac-friendly.
to keep doing what you are allowing people who don't live by the ocean, to experience it.
To keep doing what you are doing so very well.  The level of education on the sites is amazing.
To keep up the good work and THANK YOU for all you have brought into my home.
To learn the orca language intimately and have the time to watch the camera's more often.
To see this program transition to the public school system for education on this particular marine ecosystem and instilling preservation and conservation awareness.
Wish there would be more live web cams.
Wish to be able to view the live webcasts.
wish you, and all your animal visitors,  the best.
That you may have fun, and good fortune together, so NN will last for much longer.
Wishing continued successes in presenting video evidence of whales living in our ocean and giving people an idea of how they live. It is one thing to read about these wonderful creatures but seeing them is a real education. We look forward to viewing next year as the whales return to fish and live in our waters. Due to the expense of the download time per month, we do not watch as long each day as we would like. We would have the site on ALL day if we could.
With this being my first year in visiting the site, I can't at this time think of what I would like to see, but the season just did't seem long enough.  You really do go through withdrawls!
Would love to see more sites with all different types of animals. But only if the camera doesn't infringe on the freedom of the animal.
yes that we cqn see more of the orcas under water along with the top side views. 
You are doing just fine.  We have to depend on the whales to do their part .... just being there year after year....
You're doing a wonderful job, keep up the good work.