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Q8.1. If you answered "changed" in #8, please describe how.

I never really gave as much thought to the pollution problem as I do now. I also think some of the speed boats going flat out cause even more of a danger to the aquatic mammals.
I've always been facinated by nature in general, and Orcas in particular. I take every oportunity to read and view what I can about our world.
Hasn't changed but I've become more aware.
I feel somewhat empowered to make SOME kind of difference.
After going on Stubbs Island Whale Watching trips with my daughter in 2001, 2002 and 2003, I gained a much greater appreciation of the Orca. Ironically however, it was Orca-Live's underwater microphones that made me realize how much boat noise the whales are subjected to on a daily basis, including cruise ships, tug boats, freighters, speed boats and yes....even whale watching boats. I realized that this must be a constant annoyance to them, like a mosquito in a human's ear, and must also interfere with their normal communication.
Although I didn't mark changed, I would like to add a reason.  I was always very interested in nature and this website hasn't really changed how interested I justs feeds that interest
am more aware of news stories impacting nature
An increased appreciation of Orca prescense.
Any educational information that enlightens ,always creates change. I have shown my niece this site, she in turn took that info to school, the teacher, impressed with the orca-live site (NN), and the kids interest,created a class project on the subject, and anytime I get the chance I tell everyone I meet about it. Getting to see the same "faces" on a daily basis , makes them personal to each one watching, and hopefull to see them again in the future. I think excited is the way it makes me feel, because this means the interest is growing in connecting with the environment around us, and how we affect it.
As a teacher I have gained new information to share with my students.
awareness of the fragile exitence of these beautiful mammals, the moral, social and political responsible we as Canadians and humanity have to their survival.
became more aware of the orca whale
because I have already had a very close connection to all environmental topics
because this broadcast is so close to where I reside, I feel very priviledged and almost, a part of the whale families. It sounds funny but I feel closer to nature because of these sightings.  Makes me want to be more involved in some way.
Being able to watch "nature" in action in real time makes me feel so much closer. Things I see and hear are so interesting that I find myself researching the different things and learning more about how everything is connected to each other and to me.
Being that I am from the Mojave desert, I have been in love with the Desert Tortoise and other such desert creatures since I could walk. When my online friend Jodie showed me your website, I found another passion in watching the orca's.. I had known they were smart and roamed in large groups, but it did not cross my mind that they were as smart as they really are, or that they have family ties that in all reality stronger than human ties. I have always loved nature, but now I can love more of it thanks to you, your website, and my friend Jodie. (She's the one who wrote the poem on Pg. 174... Wish she could go see Blackney and Pointer in real life). 
Broadening one's knowledge on marine mammals and their habitats
By just becoming more aware of my enviroment, and the enviroment of all Gods creatures, and the impact we all have on one other.  And how we can all help each other.
by watching it made me realize how important it is to whatever i can to make sure these beautiful creatures are around for future generations
by watching the broadcasts  i feel i can relax  because i am free just like the creatures i watch online
By watching the Orca's I have be able to observe as well as read about the behaviors that are unique to this species and connect in a very positive way.
Caring more about sea life and - don´t laugh - stopped eating fish and trying to convince family and friends to do the same; it is a sick industry
We´re also discussing regularly the US-Navy sonar tests
Changed from:  loving enjoying nature
To:  Respecting (still love and enjoy)
Changed from:  regarding animals as "animals" 
To: regarding the whole pletohoria of them as "fellow inhabitants" (i.e.: an urchin used to just be this thing in the sea to me and now it's this fascinating creature that has a 5 starred mouth and all these tendrils among it's spikes and never dies and there's more than 1 kind! (used to think an urchin was an urchin was an urchin - had no idea that there was different species of them) and releases it's eggs in a cloud (still hoping to see that LIVE) and ... and it's Towhee's favourite :) 
And I ANTHROPOMORPHIZE  like crazy now!
Definately makes me want to take the Whale Watching Cruise so that I can watch the Orca live.
Even though I have been the adopted "human mother" of Alki in the south sound for 3 years, your website has made me more aware of the problems my "child" and her (his?) family face in their environment.  The boat noise is deafening, even to me, whose sound preception is probably quite inferior to Alki's.  Sometimes I just enjoy the beauty of the underwater environment with the swaying kelp and rays of light -- leads me to imagine that our undersea kin must also have an aesthetic sense.  Last year I got to hear the orcas at a gravel beach scratching and could imagine it feels as good as when my friend gives me a back rub.  Their travels and greetings to each other make it very clear how important their families are to them.  They are not strangers to us when we get the opportunity to relate to them as we can on your website.  Good work!
Feel less distanced from nature
Finding out about "human pollution" in our waters with boat noise and traffic (while the orcas feed, socialize and/or rest). What we here is one thing, what the orca's and other underwater creatures hear is another. 
For me, hearing the sounds of the whales is most affecting because it is like "overhearing" their intimate communication, conversations even, that are both wildly strange and deeply familiar at the same time. In that context, I found myself really bothered by the frequency of boat sounds which it seems must be unbearable to these whales. The change then, is towards deeper empathy and respect (to the extent that I would not choose to go whalewatching again, something I have done in the past.)
For me, listening to the NN reinforces the fact, at  a visceral level, that animals are conscious and interacting beings,  just like us, and that they are not mindless automatons to be used at the whim of human activity.  Hearing the NN whale calls each day instills a deep sense of connectedness with nature that is normally absent to those of us living in western society.  This connection with nature is of a different dimension than one would obtain with domestic pets; it is deeper because it is wild.
Has created more awareness
Has made me more interested.
Have a better understanding of what is needed by humans to maintain an environment that is beneficial to wildlife. 
Have a deeper understanding of the scientific evidence that we are all part of one chaotic system.  I knew this was true on a gut level, but being in touch with the scientists and people who devote their lives to researching our sister species and human effect on the natural world makes it much more tangible and inspiring.
Have always been aware of the plight of un-humans, but hearing the whales song with my headphones on, in my own home, gave me a much more one-on-one feeling.  Thank you all.
Having a chance to watch nature in real time,but without interfering in it ?
How pollution effects animals and nature.  
I absolutly love watching the whales.
It is something to live by the sea my whole live, but I have never seen the whale like this.
I love watching them, I love listening to them. I also follow the story of lone orca in Nootka Sound.
I always realized about the pollution and population encrouching problem,  and am very worried about the world in these matters.
I am a volunteer for a local radio station here in Phoenix AZ, it is a non-profit org. which airs for the visually disabled.  I have my own radio show which is Wild Life and I read from, Wild Life Conservation, Calif. Wild life, Zoogoer, ect...Listening to the sounds of the Orca's is just wonderful, my cat loves to sit by the speakers and listens also.  I have told many of my friends of this site for I feel it is a wonderful experience! Please keep it up!  I have a vortex in my home and the energy that flows in the house love to here the sounds of the whales also. I know it sounds a little strange but I actually have pics of energy orbs in my home.  I believe that the whales have the key to our future, if only we could speak to them and hear their stories of past and future. Thank you for bringing this to the world.  Happy holidays, Foxnoble
I am a wildlife rehabilitator, so I am pretty much on the edge of being aware/close to wildlife on a day to day basis.
I am active in nature and this experience deepens my relation to nature, to its animals and the people as well.
I bring my experiences into the classroom.
I am more aware and sensitive on captivity issues, enviromental issues and protecting our beautiful wild Orcas.
I am more aware of how precious the Orca's are and the oceans they live in.  I'm very concerned about the pollution in the ocean and how it affects sea life.  Seeing the Orca's is very special.
I am more aware of how we have to do whatever is necessary to save these beautiful creatures.  We have to make sure that they live out their lives the way that we can expect to live ours.  I want to be sure that they will always be there for my grandchildren to be able to see what beautiful creatures God created. 
I am more aware of my surroundings...
I am more aware of the connection that we have in the welfare of all wild animals and of our responsibility to do the right things for our environment.
I am more aware of the noise pollution that goes on because of boat traffic. Also, I am more aware of the the way ignorant people interfere with the animals for example
I am more aware of the threats to nature: the effects of boat noise on the environment, pollution, constant traffic by whale watchers etc...
I am more aware of the vastness of God's creatures
i am more aware of what is happening.
I am more close to these animals
I am more conscious of the power and awe of nature, plus how being stuck in a city makes nature more distant
I am more i awe of the whales and turtles and sea life generally.
I am much more aware of how we need to help our children be aware of nature.
I am much more aware of the damage we humans have done to nature.  I can no longer watch commercials on television featuring captive orcas, nor can I visit any park with captive whales. Ironically, my interest in orcas only began after I saw them in Seaworld.
I am much more aware of the varieties of  behaviors that can be observed, as well as all the ways in which we humans can observe those behaviors. My respect for the animals has grown exponentially - and it was already a healthy respect before discovering NN *smiles*
I am much more aware that nature is not here for HUMAN's use / pleasure.  We are part of nature, and must try to follow nature's rhythms, rather than mold it to our expectations and desires.
I am much more concerned with keeping the environment in a pristine condition. Wild animals should remain 'wild' and in their own habitat. Humans should interfer as little as possible into the lives of wild animals.
I am now thouroughly appalled by animals used as slaves in the entertainment business. I also connect, via the internet, to the Elephant Santuary in Tennessee
I became aware of what the Spongs are doing and how beautiful nature can be/is.(whales-seals-birds and the area where they live)
I began by getting hooked on the Orcas, but eventually began to think about all animals and their fate at the hands of humans. Now I find myself pondering the health of the whole planet. Other than making a modest contribution to Orca-Live, I haven't put these enormous concerns into a plan of action, I'm sorry to say. 
I boycott Budweizer
I didn't realize how incredible this would be until I started watching!!!
I do all to safe the whole worl an my environment.
I don't go to marine parks, road side zoos, swim with dolphinns etc, and used to feel that it was not my job to tell people who do that they are a root cause of the destruction of many of these animals. I feel empowered to do so now, feel I am part of a group that thinks the same way, that it's not just me that, that someone/something is backing my belief.
I feel a greater need to participate in ecological issues, not just for orcas and turtles.
I feel as though I am a part of it.
I feel even more strongly that all life on our earth should be protected.
I feel Ive experienced something rare that only a few have experienced seen till now. I feel much closer to nature.
I feel more a part of the environment, less removed.
I feel more connected to those creatures in the sea.
I feel more connected.  Now it feels like they're in my home due to viewing your underwater cameras & listening to the sounds.  It makes the orca's seem more real in a constant sense, not just in an occassional sense.
I feel more personally involved in the natural world, like a steward.  I like being involved in the orca's natural environment without disturbing them.
I feel more responsible for my actions as a human being in regards with nature. It scares me to think that just a 150 years ago this world was a different place and that in just this short of a time span we have managed to cause this level of polution and extinction of many species of plants and animals. What will it look like in another 150 years if we don't change?
I feel much closer.  Having the view from your cameras in my home makes me feel totally connected to Orca's, and the fact that they are within range of the camera so frequently is really exciting.  Also, being able to listen & hear adds to the excitement!
I feel that I am more accurately informed of wildlife concerns.  
I find my self researching and reading more marine science current events. 
I find myself looking up more information about whales, dolphins and animals in general and realizing there is a great deal I didn't know.
I find myself sharing my knowledge, information more.  I do what I am able in my limited way to introduce others to environmental concerns.  Oh, and I no longer purchase farm salmon after reading A Morton's book, which was recommended on the OL site.  It is a GREAT meeting place for gaining new awareness.  Thank You...Claudia
I find that on the Orca site, I am amazed at how playful these leviathons seem.  Their communication sounds are awesome.  I am much more aware of how much nature's animals and humans can share space.
I got to really feel that the animals share the same globe with us, and we have to remember that. Large animals like orcas awake that feeling, because they are bigger than we are. We can´t ignore them, or any other animals for that matter.
I had forgotten how beutiful the under water world realy is; I need a dive rig!
I had no idea that a pod of whales were an actual family, I thought they were a random bunch of whales that decided to group together for companionship.
I had not considered the impact of fish farming, whale watching and other ecotourism on the ecosystem.  I am also more aware of the FIrst Nation's peoples views.  
I have a greater appreciation for nature.
I have a greater appreciation for our wildlife. I've seen orcas in the wild and being able to watch them again from my computer, when I live so far away from them, has helped me to  continue to love their beauty. I have told many people about the website because it is so unique and precious. NN is one of those rare places on the WWW that people can truly experience something special.
i have a lot more knowledge to go on, now than i did in the beginning. the website is great for people of all ages. 
I have a more holistic view of life, including the physical earth. I also integrate my increasing understanding of nature into my work as a university teacher of social sciences; now I am a MUCH more interdisciplinary professional.

I also read the newspaper and other media in a different way - priorizing "the environment" rather than "politics" - and looking for the stories that connect the two.

I enjoy my walks and hikes even more than I used to, because I watch the wildlife with a greater awareness of its wisdom  - whatever the species.

I often teach using analogies from orca-live!

I have an even greater sense of the urgency of change in human behavior; coupled with a greater belief that we CAN change!

THANKS, Nature-network :)

I have a much clearer understanding of how man and nature are connected. I now  "comprehend" the need to protect the environment for them and myself to survive.
My research has also taken me in the native american culture and I have adopted the belief that I must join in the protection of the planet for 7 generations to come after me.

Thanks Orca Lab and other NN related sites. I never watched turtles before and now   I have all kinds of nature cams bookmarked.  
I have always appreciated  Nature.  I love to  watch the different species of birds that visit my backyard throughout the year.  Hiking is also an interest of mine.  When I was young my father and I would sometimes be lucky enough to see Orcas in the waters off White Rock beach (we had a 17' sailboat - Osprey).  Until Nature Network came into my life I was unaware of Hanson Island and the wonderful shows the Orcas put on for us.  Hopefully some day my husband and I will be able to visit in person.
I have always been a huge nature fan
I have always been a lover nature and her animals. But after studying the habits of the Orca and their close knit pods and how we as people can effect their quality of life . Now when I see other wildlife and am aware that We humans being must not interfer but still are responsible to see that we do not take their sources of food and pollute their enviorments.  I have gained much respect for the whole of the animal world and least respect for mankind. 
I have always been a nature lover and this site is just like a miracle to me.  I live on the coast but do not see whales very often, this site allows me to be next to nature.  Incredible.  I am more humble now.
I have always been a nature person. but I am alot more so now. I have seen things I would have never thought about and it has given me a greater respect for nature. And has even given me a few more vacation ideas that I would never have thought about without the sites.
I have always been a nature, animal lover.  Your website makes me feel like I am right on the bank of the water, watching the beautiful animals in motion.  I absolutely love your website and look forward to it every year.  It has given me a new found respect for the orca's as well as your work.
I have always been an animal and nature lover , but when I got to watch and hear the Orcas live , something happened to me. I can't explain , but I couldn't wait to get home from work and turn on Orca live. They made my day.
I have always been an avide nature person but as age has caught up with me  find I am home and inside too much   so now do my nature watching on the computer. not quite like going in to the woods to observe birds   but will have to do   I am 72
I have always been aware of and was disgusted with man's destruction on nature.But after watching live webcasts and learning more, I have become more of an advocate for the rights of nature.
I have always been aware of the goings on with nature but it has given me a excellent opportunity to share it with my children.  It is wonderful to show them nature at is best out in there own habitat.  We even took a trip to Victoria and went whale watching.
I have always been close to nature.It has made me that much more aware and active in a responsible way.I have done more reading on fish farming in particular!!
I have always been concious of "man's" and my effect on the environment but with watching orca-live and turtle-live(w/special appearances by psycho-fish) I have become more vocal about it. I now search for enviro. friendly products so there is less effect on groundwater, even to more natural methods in my garden.
I have always been connected to nature.
I have always been conscious of Nature and the wonderful things around us, but being able to observe as your camera allows, has simply made me more aware and very grateful.
I have always been interested in nature and animals, this is just bringing me closer. 
I have always been interested in nature and only found this site this fall shortly before the Orcas left.  I hope to watch the webcast much more next year.
I have always been interested not only in nature itself, but man's influence (with regards to foresting and car-gas emissions, etc) on nature, and have always been an orca-lover, but since "finding" OL and being able to watch the whales (over the internet and last year at Telegraph Cove), plus checking out the many website addresses constantly being posted on the "Community" page, I have found myself even more interested in having people realize that WE CAN make a difference.  I may only be one small voice, but when many many small voices join together, we can influence the politicians and others into wise decision-making, when it comes to animals and our "blue planet".  
I have always been interestedin nature, this syystem helps me to keepint oiuch with real animals and not just the issues / events that are reoprted in the media.
I have always beenan enviromentalist and My trip to BC and seeing the Orcas made me realize how important this planet really is.
I have always had a deep appreciation for nature growing up in the foothills of Alberta and tenting and hiking the west coast of Canada at every opportunity. The change that has transpired since watching NN is  one of wanting to learn more and to increase my knowledge and physical library of Orca books and facts. I now return to the coast every summer a bit more knowledgeable but still learning and sharing that knowledge with my 3 grown children.
I have always had an appreciation of, and affection for, animals, but watching & listening to OrcaLive (haven't had a chance to see TurtleLive just yet) has enriched my appreciation of the "wild" things I see in my small town (mainly birds, of course).  It has offered me the opportunity to become more aware of their individuality and place in the chain of life.  I am more aware now of how our unwise uses of our earth are impacting us all.  I am seeing a lot of things with "new eyes", and I am seeing creatures that were hardly in my awareness before.
I have always had respect for nature and marine life in general. These webcasts gave me a chance that I might not ever have on the East Coast of see wild orcas. So seeing the power and beauty of these creatures brighten my day everyday. To see the landscape that the water surrounds is indescibably breath-taking.
I have always loved and appreciated nature, i have loved orcas for as long as i can remember. Actually being able to watch nature as it goes about its business and does its thing i think teaches us more than just a quick glimpse at it every now and again.  Too many people dont take the time to really see it or appreciate it, they just take for granted that its there.  Thank you for giving us the chance to actually see the true beauty and magestic nature at its finest. 
I have ALWAYS loved Killer Whales since I saw Haida on Vancouver Island when I was a teen.  I have always loved visiting SeaWorld, but did not know until the information came to me on OrcaLive about the destruction of Orca Families (pods) as well as the number of Orca's killed in these captures.  There is something very wrong with all of that.  And it made me think about all of it.  That seeing these beautiful creatures as they are swimming together in their families is right.  I have also showed these things to my children
I have always loved marine wildlife and orcas in particular.  Seeing them in their habitat is incredible and makes me want to see them there rather than penned in marine parks.
I have always loved nature but NN has taught me an even greater respect for nature. I now understand more about the need to study nature but to study while causing no harm. To observe but not interfere. I have also learned that getting involved in conservation can make a difference.
I have always loved nature, anything about Gods world.
I have always respected nature. This helps to give me a better persective of thier lives, and how nature can change things, and how people change things. Hearing the motor of boats passing by, you realize the damage the noise can cause to wildlife in the water. If it hurts my ears listening on my puter, you can only imagine the damage underwater. Thank-you so much for what you provide.
I have always wanted to major in marine science since I was very young but family circumstances have had to take priority (both my family members are disabled); now at the age of 39, I find myself taking up the challenge of working towards my degree even with all my other responsibilities. I am fortunate enough to have a position where I can sometimes watch OL - it has helped me to remember what is so important - the journey you take and how you  proceed along the way of obtaining one's goals is more important than the goal itself - because everything is so intricately interlinked. OL's non-invasive approach to field research must be commended on every level.
I have become engrossed in learning everything I can about the Orcas of the Pacific Northwest.  I feel very connected to them since moving to the PNW.  I would like to find a way to help their cause and keep them safe and growing in numbers.
I have become joyfully, and painfully, aware of the social and cultural society of Orca Whales, of their intelligence, their life-long family ties, their use of language, their accepted behaviors ; and of their urgent need for support, protection and conservation. It is truly humbling to realize that they possess intelligence and culture equal to that of humans. Years ago, we took our granddaughters to SeaWorld. Last year, in an effort to complete the picture for them, we brought them to Vancouver Island, so they could see and learn about the Orcas in their natural world. We went to see Robson Bight (with MacKay's) and to see the Orcas as they should be seen. WE are continuing to teach them about respect for nature and all creatures, by introducing them to Orca-Live and Turtle-Live and encouraging them to look in. This has been a wonderful learning experience for us and for all whom we have introduced to Orca-Live. We continue to learn
with each new season, and are looking fo
I have become more aware of natures beauty.  
I have become more aware of the struggle of the animals and whales to survive in this world which is becoming more polluted all the time. 
I have become more aware of the threats to the environment and the impact that this has on nature.
I have become more environmentally aware and responsible.  I am totally against whales of any kind in captivity.  I am always on the look out for orcas whenever I drive past the ocean.
I have become more intimately involved with orca whales - more than I had ever hoped to be due to the fact that I live half way across the world.
I have always had a passion for these creatures and NN has allowed me to enter their world and the community involved in their care and safety.
I have become much more aware of how we and our habits, impact on the enviroment and how every species is linked together.  It has made me become more politically active and defensive of our environment and more thoughtful when I make plans or purchases.
I have become very much more aware of how the ecosystem involves our lives, and how delicate it truly is.
I have been inspired to read and learn more about orcas, be much more aware of the environment problems affecting all whales,
and support and contribute to people who are working so hard to improve their future chances of survival.
I have come to appreciate all marine life much more.  I was so much a whale person.  But orca live especially with the underwater cameras introduced me into a whole new world.  This has not only been a good education for me but my grandkids as well.  I have now created several Orca Live addicts.  My new granddaughter, (born June 2003) started watching Orca Live when she came home from the hospital.  She listens to the orcas, (as well as humpbacks) sing their songs.  I believe it will only benefit this world if our children are taught young to respect and preserve what we have.  If not, their children will only be able to read about it in books and hear stories.  Thank you so much for all your work up there.  It's appreciated by myself as well as nature lovers everywhere.  (I also tune into Turtle Live)
I have felt much closer to nature, and much more inspired by these beautiful creatures, and much surer that this is the best way of watching them, ie without disturbing them, but in a learning environment
I have lived in the area all my life and grew up during a time when I often saw Orcas on our weekly family fishing trips around the islands. Back then they were viewed as rather dangerous. My mother was scared spitless of them and hated to see them surface for fear they would take our 17' boat apart. As time went on I grew to realize that they weren't vicious. Then the era came where they were to blame for the disapearance of the fish the commercial fishermen needed to make a living. After that they became endangered and a sighting was something to be enjoyed. Being able to see these beautiful creatures on your camera has reopened those days in my childhood where I could very nearly reach over the side of my dad's boat on Saturday morning and touch one. It has reconnected me to the Sound, the islands and the sense of wonder I felt as a child when as far as the eye could see there were whales.
I have more admiration for the huge Orcas and their family groups
I have more consciousness of other "lives" going on while I am going about my daily life. The ability to watch not only orcas, but the multitudes of fish, anemones, snails, and other sea creatures as they go about their lives has made me more aware of other ecosystems that I often don't pay too much attention to. 
I have more respect for all of nature. I take time to watch the wildlife in my area. 
I have more respect for it and value life more.
i have more time to spend looking at the nn and i feel like I can see almost every aspect of the life of the orcas, Where before i had no time in my busy life. You have helped me an awful lot thank you. 
I have much more daily awareness of whales.  Seeing orcas in the wild encourages me that the world is still a good place.
I have never been able to get onto the live webcast?
I have never been able to open the live telecasts and sure would appreciate knowing how to open them?
I Have realised that nature is fragile and that an enormous effort from 90 % of people is necessary to minimise mans parasitic existence.
I have realized that all creatures are connected in a huge eco-chain and disturbing any part of that chain will have a dramatic effect on the rest of the chain.  We are all part of this chain.
I have realized that one cannot just watch without doing anything or one feels hopelessness about it. So I watch orcalive and I participate in local conservation activities.
I have watched the peregrine falcons on the Eastman Kodak tower in Rochester NY, and various people on the discussion lists have given links to many different sites for nature all over the world. This has helped me to learn about wildlife in other countries from a much closer point of involvement.
I live close to the sea and have seen Orcas many many times here in BC-once even here in English Bay.
However the broadcasts have brought Orcas closer to me than ever.
I live in Southeast Alaska and we have Orcas and Humpback whales and I love watching them when ever I see them, but with NN, I feel like I get to know the individuals more personally. When out on the boat, we are usually traveling and we don't have time to watch the whales. The Orcas usually are going somewhere and you aren't allowed to follow them, so you only see them for a short while. 
I live in the prairies and miss the connection with the ocean. I am by trade an environmental scientist so my awareness of coastal living systems  has increased.
I live in Victoria, BC on the inner harbor, and I saw bird and sea life as landscape. Now I look for them, some part of my non-working day with my binoculars, and observe their habits and behavior from my window and when jogging along a seaside path.
I live on the east coast of the US and spend most of my free time at the beach or on the water. Orca's have always had a bad rap but you have changed all that. Thank You and keep up to great site...
I look at  nature a little different since watching your program
I love nature and want to be a part of it always.
I love nature especially whales and this just brings me closer to what I love!
I love whales, but I can't watch them in real life. See them on internet, and hear them, make me think of their beauty, and how much they count for me!
I never knew ANYTHING about orcas before I started watching.  I have learned that in nature these animals have families, friends, loved ones just as humans do.  I'm sure it's a tad different, but they are thinking, feeling creatures - I feel such a warmth and a huge excitement watching them travel in pods and come up and dive....AND I have started to be able, just a little bit, to recoginze one or two by the size and shape of their dorsal fin - certainly not very much, but enough to make me feel much closer to them - sort of an "I know you" feeling.  It's lovely.
I notice nature, and the beauty of it, more since I started watching NN. I've realised how beautifull the nature around me is and not just to appreciate nature in the areas you see on nature documentaries.
I now believe in watching animals without interfering in their lives and accept them as they are. I'm also strongly against capture of animals.
I now believe that whales do not ever need to be kept in captivity to learn about them. I used to visit the Vancouver aquarium and thought there was some benefit to having the whales there. I now realise that I learned nothing about the whales while viewing them in captivity. 
I now have much more respect for wild animals in their own habitat. I hurt so much for Corky & Lolita and all the other captive orcas. I find it so abhorrant that these beautiful intelligent animals should be condemned to a concrete cell for life...for what???? just so we humans may be entertained. I now hurt for any wild animal in captivity that should be roaming free with it's own kind.
I now understand that our world id changing and we need to help in everyway to prevent any more loss
I realize now we need to do more to help nature provide a living space for these wonderful creatures.
I really knew very little about Orca's until I visited Telegraph Cove and the Lukwa.  My experience in seeing live transient Orcas was emotional and very beautiful.
I now realise the importance of protecting such wonderful mammals.
I Recycle More
I think about how fragile our earth is and how we should be treating it more gently.
I think more often of nature living and changi ng around me 
I took up diving and started thinking about environmental volunteer work.
I understand the habits etc. of orca much better and realize the importance of their family dynamics.
I use to not "care" for the orca as I thought they were *killer whales* meaning they killed everything. I find now, that they are not and only certains orca kill the seals (transients) I have learned how much of a family they are and the books I have been reading only confirm that.
I ususally read a newspaper or watched news as it passed in front of my eyes, much like I found OL; now I hunt for it and try to follow developments. I research online. I have become more actively aware of the threats to our circle of life and will help in what any way I can decrease that threat. The orca are one link in that chain and because of the Southern Residents have taught me to take a good look at issues which threaten their well-being. I was not aware of the existence of sea-lice, of the prevalence of fish-farms or fish-farm practices before. I feel I have somehow grown up and grown out of a fantasy world where I believed that when something was amiss in the environment, people smarter than me will fix it. We all have a part in nature, and we all have a role in its future. I don't think this is a passing phase in my life; I think this is a starting point.
I was always aware of the misfortunes of animals on our planet from human interference and arrogance, so that hasn't changed, however, my outrage has.  I am more prone to write letters to politicians to encourage them to do the right thing.   Luna taught me that lesson.
I was not aware of the conditions that orca's live in captity. i.e. life span and small size of area for swimming.
I watch Orca Live.  Previously I only thought of Orca as killer whales that should watched at Sea World.  I knew absolutley nothing about them.  I still don't know much but I have learned alot from reading the discussions on OL.
I went to RWU and received my bacholers in Marine Bio because I wanted to work with Orcas at Sea World. My current proffesion as a boat delivery crew allows me to see these whales and cetaceans in their natural habitat where they belong which is much better for everyone.
i wnat to be more invovled in volunteering and also nature based holidays for the whole family
I work as an environmentalist, so the nature network gives a boost to my day, but I am not sure that it changes my outlook since I am already very deeply connected and involved through my daily work for nature. 
I would like to see much more respect for the creatures we share this planet with.
I`ve always loved nature...and the ocean in particular!
Ich kann leider nur auf Deutsch antworten. Ich beobachte seit 2 Jahren Tierwebcams und achte nun sehr viel mehr auf die Umwelt und gehe mit offenen Augen durch meine Welt. Ich mache andere Menschen auf Misstände in der Natur aufmerksam und ich habe bei mir zu Hause angefangen, einiges zu ändern.
If possible , I love her more.
I'm just more amazed.
i'm much more "entuned" to the marine parks in our area & the captive whale that it holds. And have a differant view of how i feel about it's captivity after learning more about wildlife from your website.
I'm much more aware of how man is interfering with the natural balance of the environment and how we need to educate the public on a larger scale.
I'm rethinking about how to view nature.  Try to make less of an impact by my presence.
increased my awareness of nature that I could have only seen through NN.  Underwater is more beautiful than I ever imagined.  
It gives me a chance to watch other animals in the wild.  To see their normal habitat with no restrictions.  Also just watching gives me a calm feeling
it has changed a lot because after watching orcalive, it has shown me to appriciate nature more then ever and not to interfere with it and pose a hazzard to the environment, much as the world has today.  i have a better understanding of how orcas live, not just orcas, but also the many species that live in upper western canada, and it shows how precious it is, and that we have to respect it as much as we can.
It has changed becase before I felt so away from nature and especially marine mammels but now i can really see what they are doing day by day instead of reading some thing about what they do in a book. 
It has changed because I now know the Orcas are able to be free and be with their families.
It has changed in that I now feel closer to nature, more able to understand the animal world and its place in the scheme of things on this earth.  It has made me realise more than ever before how vital it is to protect wildlife from human harm, either physical or environmental.
It has changed moreso because of the variety of people who are on and commenting, and learning from the resesearchers who run NN, etc. It's a wide variety of things to be learned each time you log on. Never ending education as well for my young boys. Thanks!
It has changed my view for the better about nature especially of hearing about what problems there are. As Us Humans We must take Action and Care Of all Nature. In that we should not take Nature for granted.
It has deepened my sense of the inter - connectedness of life on this planet and my sense that it is urgently necessary to know before we change things.
It has encouraged me to become much more involved in nature projects in general and dolphin/whale projects in particular.  Since I started watching Orca-Live I have started a group in my local area (The River Tay Estuary in Scotland) to collect data on the numbers of cetaceans, specifically dolphins and whales that frequent the area.  There is a website associated with the group.. The url is  I pass this information on to the Seawatch Foundation where it is added to the national database.  I am also currently fundraising to enable a whale and dolphin rescue unit to be trained in my local area.  I and some other members of the 'family' at Orca-Live are also in the process of starting an online 'school' to compliment the information available at orca-live and other whale related websites.  The idea is to provide a free online learning resource that is open to all.  I think watching NN live webcasts, in particular Orca-Live has had a profound effect upon me.  For that I am particularly grateful... Many Thanks!!
it has encouraged my desire to be in nature and persue a more nature based lifestyle.
i does encourage me to walk by the sea more.
It has enhanced my interest somewhat
It has made me more aware of our changing envionment and greatly increased my knowledge of the orcas in particular.
It has made me more aware of the problems, trials and tribulations to what I took for granted before.
It has made me more aware of what is going on in my immediate area and how i can help in cleaning up our environment. 
it has sparked an amplified interest in whales
It is harder to deny that some things that we do impact nature negatively. For example: boat noise. 
It is much better to see orcas in their natural environment instead of at an aquarium
It made me more aware of the orcas and their future.
It makes me think about the world of nature more frequently, and I am constantly surprised by what a simple joy it is to be able to watch the live broadcasts from Johnstone Strait. In a way that I don't understand, it's much more meaningful than if I were seeing the same thing in a TV or film documentary.
It reminds me the I am not the centre of the universe.  There is a world going on out there without me.  Even though I can see into it, it isn't preforming for my benifit. 
It reminds me the I am not the centre of the universe.  There is a world going on out there without me.  Even though I can see into it, it isn't preforming for my benifit. 
it sounds crazy, but you realise that it is life, it gives you chills. You see it on tele, but this is real! i know, still on camera, but it its more real then the documentaries.
it gives me rest, peace and interest in this part of nature
It started with baby "Springer" the lost killer whale; I found OrcaLive and checked the site every day from work, but we don't have realnetworks.  I am retiring at the end of 2004 and have a home mac with reaqlnetworks installed and a broadband connection--I expect to tune in a lot next season. Liz Stroup
It"s really a beautiful thing too watch....
It's like when you go whale watching and see nature in the raw, nothing compares to it, and orca lab has the same effect, or certainly is the very next best thing.  It changes the way you think about it because it's real and live, unlike watching a TV documentary, some of which are brilliant but the effect is not the same, you're not 'there', it makes you realise the reality of nature - if that makes sense!
Its only really since watching the webcasts that I have realised how invasive man is to the environment in which the Orcas live. Its also given me a whole new view into how the environment should be sustained to prevent the decline of many different species, not only Orcas, but land based creatures also.

I now try to recycle wherever possible and to generally 'do my bit'. I also try and teach my children how important it is that we try and conserve resources wherever possible.
I've always beeen an avid nature show watcher since I was old enough to run the remote and from the days before the remote control.
I've always been amazed and fascinated by nature. But I knew next to nothing about orcas. I always liked them very much, but had no idea about their lifes, struggles and joys. It's been a thrilling journey  of knowledge, and still is. I've found a passion for life. I am more aware now about the world surrounding us and the plight of not only orcas, but of every creature sharing Earth with us.
I've always been fascinated by whales, but living in Iowa doesn't give me a chance to experience them, except on T.V. Your Network has given me the feeling of being along side of them, hearing their beautiful songs. THANK YOU!!!!
I've always been observant of the orca since I tried fishing when they were around me.  Also watched them incessantly when camping on Demon and Hornby Islands in BC
I've always had a love of nature; however, this allowed me to actually watch their behavior and see them more clearly. Somehow, they became more "real" by watching them in day-to-day life. 
I've always loved whales but have a new respect for the ecological aspect of it all.
I've become even more intrigued with the habits of underwater life.
I've become more aware of our responsibility with regard to animals, nature and the environment.
I've become more aware, and therefore more concerned, of the importance of the ocean water to wildlife and to our own environment.  
I've been a supporter of whales for many years and this website has given me another perspective on it. Watching orcas in real time, in nature, has been thrilling. The reason I don't watch longer at a time is because I have an iMac running OS X and the live cams don't always work with my system, especially those above the water's surface although I can hear the sounds.
I've been presented with new ideas and understanding.
i've got a more understanding of how nature works
I've only seen Orcas in the wild once during a trip in a small boat in the Juan de Fuca Straight, awesome sight.  Have dived quite a bit in the Caribbean, never on the Cdn west coast so have seen a quite a lot of underwater life - nothing as inspring as the Orcas though.  Living in Ontario watching the NN webcasts is a great connection to the oceans. Thanks
Just have more respect for killer whales these days.
Just in the sense that I tend to lose my connection to the real, natural world in my day-to-day work here in the city.  Everything around me is man-made.  I lose touch, and Nature Network brings me back to my real home.  Also, that perhaps there are other humans in the world who care deeply about nature as well - a thought which eclipses the general feeling of hoplessness I can slip into with all the bad news about our planet's future.  
Learned how to distinguish between males and females, and all the different sounds they can put out.  Note: Next season, please try to not make the scenes so jerky if possible- ore like a steady stream, if possible.  Love your site- keep it up!
Like anything, unless you can experience it for your self it is impossible to appreciate it.  I recently read a book about september 11 that was written by people who were in it.  It was the first time I felt like I had experienced it for myself.  It's the same with nature network.  Because i can see and hear the whales in real time I can feel like I'm there with them.  I'm connected to them so change is inevitable.
living in Port McNeill, British Columbia ,we see the orcas at least weekly in the Johstone Straights. It's nice to know what we're looking at.
love watching the orcas and whales LIVE and their behaviours in the natural habitat.
Made me more aware of life in the ocean.
made me want to find out more and think of ways to help the environment
More active financially and writing letters to policitians.
More appreciative of the complex inter-relationships and co-operation both within and between family groups.
more aware of human impact on the world under the sea - boat noise, pollution, etc.
more aware of natural habitat and animal requirements
more aware of news about orcas
more aware of the exploitation of killer whales for entertainment
More aware of the problems facing the wildlife around us and that we should be more responsive to their needs and requirements to survive in a human environment.
more aware of what is going on in this world
More awareness of the natural world and its creatures has inspired me to work harder to protect the natural environment and wild spaces.  Becoming an advocate for the protection of Orcas, eagles, grizzlies, and other whale species is a huge part of this.  I appreciate how much I have learned from people such as Paul Spong and Helena Symonds and the many others who are part of this network.
More concerned about environmental deterioration for all "critters" that do not have a voice.
More concerned about whales and nature in general and my children are especially interested.
More excited about nature and the things that go on that I never actually saw
More interest in the habits of orcas
More interrested in the health ad well being of these wonderful creatures.
more respect for nature
Mostly how much humans affect nature and nature's environment.
the news here is full of the oil spill on the Delaware River between Philadelphia and New Jersy wildlife areas.
how terrible...
My 5-yr-old daughter and I are fascinated with watching the whales!  She's been extremely interested in reading books on sea life since she started watching.
My attitude towards boats and the noise they make has changed considerabaly... my attitude towards nature/God has not...
my awareness has been considerably enhanced and my knowledge broadened by the accessiblity to NN - interaction amoung group and all the links provided as dialogue unfolds, is an on-going seminar for learning - deeply touched by the caring expressed and the amount of influence that can be mounted in defense of various issues of concern - I am an artist and am integrating images and feeling gained in this exposure!!!!! I am so grateful for what you are doing and think it is the best use of this technology possible.
My desire to be close to nature without hurting her has become more feasible, and I'm more hopeful that this change will be true for others.  If fewer people tread on the land/seas where animals live, yet gain a great appreciation through viewing them, that would be an awesome change.  I try to get all my co-workers into this site...many like it.
My experience with NN live webcasts has strengthen by love of the environment and all its creatures.  I wonder how others in this modern world can be so calloused and follow their greedy desires to threathen or destroy that which give so many so much joy and inspiration. Sorry, had to get on the soap box!
My family and I are all interested in Natural History. The difference the webcasts made was to make us want to see Whales "live". We did this in 2002 and 2003 in BC Canada. It was superb. 
My thinking has changed because I am in the seat of a research scientist compiling data from the comfort of my home with only the resources of the internet and my connected pc.
I get a firsthand observation of a natural setting and make my own analysis to what is happening with the target organisms.  Are they eating or foragine.  Are they entertaining themselves?  This way I can evaluate and increase my understanding.
My way of thinking about nature has always been very strong on keeping nature the way it is or bringing it back to its origin condition (as close as possible)
My way of thinking about nature has changed since watching NN live webcasts.  I have become more aware of issues, both good and not so good, about our planet's condition - especially about the shrinking habitats, human interference, human intervention and some government policies.  From the input of others using this site I obtain interesting/educational information and compassion and understanding.  Seeing creatures in their own environment, in a positive non-invasive way, is a far nicer way to learn about them, their needs and their habits and our relationship with them.
Nature has become much more precious to me as a result of watching OrcaLive.
Never gave any thought about orcas actually communicating with each other and find it facinating
no more captive whales, feel funny going to our aquarium but can't bring myself to not go. saw a gray whale sunday off palos verdes, here in southern california. i had seen them before, carole had never seen a whale in the wild. she's changing her mind about captive whales also. also NO FARMED FISH!!!! there has to be a better way than what they are doing right now. maybe inland at former hatcheries? no non-native species tho.
One summer we had taken a boat tour to see the orca whales.  It wasn't until we watched Orca Live that you understand how horrific  the boat noise can be from under the water.  The following summers we have chosen to hike along the rivers in a hopes to get a glance at the "3" brothers.
Over the summer I began watching OrcaLive.  The live webcasts showed me what orcas were really like in the wild, and how wrong it was to keep them locked in a tank.   
pay more attention to marine life
Re-affirmed my respect for Nature, and re-inforced my awareness in terms of responsible living, and caring for the natural world on our beautiful planet! 
See number nine.
Seeing creatures in their natural environment enlightened me to the plight of so many creatures and watching NN and interacting with people from all over the world on nature issues has provided me with such an abundance of information and education. Thank you for this amazing experience that I will continue to enjoy and learn from.
Seeing the Orcas and the fish live in their own environment has given  me a deeper appreciation of their beauty and grace.

The schools of fish swimming by Orca Labs underwater cameras are extremely soothing.
shows them in their natural enviroment and how humans have the potential to effect their daily existence
Since I began linking in to the live webcasts I moved to the Oregon Coast where whales are sighted just off shore occasionally.  Although I've not seen any with my binoculars since moving here I'm always on the lookout when ever I drive to the shore.  It's also made me more aware of programming on the science channel and national geographic....I always try to watch the documentaries on the whales even though there aren't many of them.
Since I live in Arkansas, USA, it gave me more of an appreciation for ocean life; it has expanded  my whale interest that was sparked after a visit to Alaska.
Since watching the webcasts I have looked into many things that I wouldnt think twice about. It has raised my awareness on enviroment,polution etc.....also on the sad cases of captivity and beaching.
the enviromental impact is more real, less of an "somewhere in the distant future" thing

***Note, I originally left question 2 blank as none of the choices fit and you didn't offer an "other" choice.  I learned of Orca-Live while whale watching with Stubbs Island and they gave us the website.
The reason my friend sent me the link is because she knew I already was concerned about nature, and researching to know more. 
The site helped me develop a deeper connection to the Earth.
The webcasts put you in a being there feeling and to see the orcas in particular makes you realize what amazing creatures they are. I also like the underwater camera because you never know what will come swimming by
The webcasts remindds me of the constant connection that is availabile to us with nature if we just take time to access it in whatever form suits us best and is available in the moment.
There have been a number of changes in the moments that I spend with your site!Actually facing the reality of undersea environment as being very calming, spiritual, soothing &
most fascinating to the eye!  Gives one more appreciation of the multi-vast-complex & oh so beautiful life in our Pacific Ocean!  The variable species & especially the 'closeups',  just blow me away at times!
I love the sounds - they soothe my world -
espec. from  having 'tinitus' of the ears!!!  I find I immediately switch into a less-stressed world once I've connected with your site & sometimes don't want to leave!  I thank
you all & Wish You Good Health-Happiness &
Blessings in 2005.  Warm Regards, Claire 
Think much more over how things are conectet and that many things have a impact of different things.

(Sorry, my english not very good, hope you understand my answers))
This answer refers back to question #7.  Nature was always somewhat distant and I always felt far removed.  It still amazes me to be able to see the live broadcasts and feel so connected to what is happening.
This is a great service and I consider it quality programming, however, it emphasizes to me how disconnected we are from nature, or wildness.  I don't spend a lot of time watching the broadcasts because as a biologist who is already sitting at his desk working on reports,etc, the broadcasts make me yearn to be out there and I have to shut down my computer, get my ass off my office chair, grab the binoculars and soothe my sore back with a foray outdoors.
This website has given me the opportunity to learn so much more about Orcas, including their habitat, behavior and feeding habits.  It has been a source of great pleasure for me.
Variety of posted links have helped develop my thoughts (conservation issues re variety of species, zoo/aquarium conditions, sonar concerns, underwater noise pollution,info on whales behaviour, government policies, 'listening' to discussion amongst watchers, chat room debates, etc, etc, etc).
Watching the Orcas on Orcalive made me feel even closer to them and since the end of the season I have been to Norway to see the Orcas feeding on the herring in the fjords. The most amazing experience of my life. It was inspired by the webcasts. So thank you!
watching the underwater camera and seeing the various flora and fauna drifting by is very peaceful.  The surface shots of the orcas and the water make me wish that I could be there.  I find it amazing to sit here in central ontario and be able to see such incredible scenes. 
We are far more aware of interconnection of everything & very concerned about the long term survival of the orcas in particular but all species in general, including humans.
We have always tried to live with the best interests of the nature around us in mind.  We try to instill this in our children (2 and 5) and being able to see these orcas that are literally in our back yard boggles their minds!
We have become more connected to the plight of the Orcas. Our resident whales are a precious gift that need to supported in as many ways humanly possible.... even if it means we leave them alone sometimes. Unfortunately there are those who would have a lone whale endure a dangerous human interaction in the name of "leaving it alone".... we pray for these lone whales.
We have widened our interest of more sea creatures due to the site.
Well I always have loved nature anyway so it has just renforced my feelings towards the beautifull world that we live in, and how precious it really is...
What a great idea this is.  As I live so far away  and it gives me a chance to be neverer the action of nature.
With the NN comments and links i saw, what's happened on this planet with the Nature. That makes me closer to the nature.