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Q9. Have you been moved watching NN live webcasts? If yes, by what in particular?

 just being able to watch wild orcas every day.
i have adopted "nimpkish" ,so i also watch to see him.
Absolutely - almost to tears a couple of times.  The orcas are just so magnificent - watching them cannot help but take your breath away.
Absolutely!  Listening to and watching orcas is one of the most beautiful things!
Absolutely! As previously mentioned, I've seen the whales in the wild and it is so exciting for me to be able to watch the same whales each year. It makes me still feel like I am there with them. Also, the amazing footage and continuously changing beauty of the Vancouver Island shoreline always captivates me. I feel like I am truly home when I view the site!
Absolutely! Over-all, ALL of it keeps me amazed at nature, and makes me feel more responsible to do my part to maintain it. Specifically, the Orca-Live network (and the work of the Spongs in general!) has educated me so much about orcas and our impact on them. I'm moved every time I watch those cameras....
After visiting the orca lab with Gilbert Cook in 2001 (and also watching some Orcas REALLY live) seeing the live webcasts is always a very nice way to bring back the memorys of an unforgettable summer.
As biologist I also feel some kind of "connection" to those people who are tirelessly doing all this research work. 
all of it really; but especially the sounds even when there was no video
All the sounds
Although my "reception" isn't very good I always try to check out the activity when I receive a notice by email. I love to hear and see the whales and it's interesting to check out what others are saying as well.  It's the closest I'll ever get to these beautiful animals and I take every chance I can get to just look at them through your website.  Thanks a lot!
it is dead inspiring to watch the movement of this great beings in their natural abode.
it is such a privilege to bring them into my life whether through sound or image.
it does calm me and bridges the gap between my desire to be in nature and my need to exist in the larger world.
it promotes awareness even if it is only a virtual.
An on-line friend told me how beautiful they were.  My friend didn't lie.
Appreciating the fact the webcasts are non invasive and allowing the orcas/turtles/ etc.  to roam in their habitat basically unhampered.
As mentioned above
As much as I love to see the whales I'm most moved by hearing them communicate.  Although I don't understand them I know they are involved with each other on an emotional  level.
Baby Orca's, seals playing, Eagles in the air, beutiful sunset/sunrises, people on boats wawing, OL staff wawe, Orca's hunting and tailslapping and spyhopping and much more :)
beauty rhythm 
beauty, grace, power, awe, spirituality. near tears many times. to be allowed to view these magnificent creatures is a gift that we treasure. we are moved by all of you who include us in your world and make us want to learnmore. there are days when i'm happy just to watch kelp sway with the tides and try to figure out what those white things are.
Because of my disabilities I spend many hours confined to my home. The ability to be able to view the cams has brought much relaxation my way. On days when things are somewhat quite I find that just hearing the sounds of the ocean can help relax ones' mind. I have also made some great friends through this site and for that I thankyou from the bottom of my heart. I also very much enjoy the comment board, always someone out there that can help with any questions one may have. Just a great bunch of folks ( like one big family ). I thanyou for everything that is brought our way through this site and may it continue for many years.  
Beeing so close to the nature and the creatures that I love so much always touches me.
being able to view nature so far from home in Florida is awesome. My Alaskan cruise through the area was exciting.
By hearing the orca communicating.
By large Orcas breaching or seeing a feeding frenzy.
Quite spectacular.!!
by seeing all the whales, of course!!
By the beauty of the land/sea scape and the orcas and fish as they move past the cameras
By the dedication of those who spend their life caring for nature, by the kindness of others who patiently answer a myriad of questions, by the connections made to people around the world who have a common goal, by seeing what I can't see most of the year. 
By the exuberance and camaraderie between the whales as they swim together, really together, and by their sleekness, swiftness and inherently powerful and dramatic style of movement. And their sounds to each other seem to be literally the language of depth, like throat singing, and so remind us of our own depth. This is well expressed by Cynthia Rylant in her childrens' book, "The Whales" in this passage: "And whales do not know, as they rise up for a big breath of air, that someone is standing on a shore and his heart is filling up. Filling up and ready to burst. Whales do not know how they change people, how they make them better, how they make them kind."
By the movement, and knowing that the orcas are making those sounds NOW.

I'll admit, I like the tape and DVD even better, since I can see the movement so much more smoothly and clearly (and large).
By watching and reading about Springer and her succcessful return to her family, by wishing the same for Corky whenever I see her pod
By watching the whales surfacing. They are like a ballet.
Can't really explain it. Alot of times I am brought to tears, dreaming I could be right there, amazed  by the beauty, angered by 'man's distruction of the world I view, so many feelings. When I am expecially stressed, I close my eyes and imagine when I kayaked in Johnstone Strait, the whales the beauty of the area etc.
Catching a glimpse of any wild living creature is a moving experience, esp from so far away.
Definitely, i still get goosebumps when i watch nature at its best.  Even just watching the sunset and hearing them in the distant is a moving experience.
every single time i see the orcas. they are so magestic and beautiful.  i love them.
Every time I get the alert message I'm struck by the wonder of being able to get an email that has been sent because a whale made a sound hundreds of miles away. Being able to then go and watch that whale is a bonus.
every time; if it is possible for a heart to "thrill", then mine does, especially hearing the first calls after an absence. Watching orcas move and work together is moving. We've lost that except where very young children are needful of that closeness and reaffirmation that you're nearby, within touch's reach. Or when a finely tuned sports team is in competition, like volleyball or basketball; the small teams, not football.
Everyday I watch I am moved by the
splendor of the orcas interacting naturally.
everytime I saw an orca live I was moved to tears. 
Everytime I see a whale surface I am moved.
For me observing nature is very moving. So, I can’t point anything particular. But actually, possibility of watching something, what is so far from Poland is absolutely amazing.
For me, watching the whales is just awesome! I'm a very strong supporter of environmental issues and animal rights.  I live on the east coast of the United States and therefore don't have the opportunity to see Orcas.  They are so beautiful and intelligent and more people need to be made aware of this.  Your site gives people the chance to see just how awesome these creatures are.  I thank you very much for the work you do to share your love for these beautiful whales.
From the peace and whales just everything!!I sat one day from morning till dust,it was breath taking...
Frustration is a word that comes to mind when watching large container ships navigating the same waters as the resident orcas are trying to live in.
Great way for my grandchildren to see orca's
have been struck dumb by the obvious intelligence of the animals, and the obvious stupidity of my fellow man.
have cried
have laughed
been amazed
Haven't been able to watch live yet.
haven't seen an orca yet, but when i do, i will most definetely be moved!
Hearing the calls of the orcas just send shivers down my spine!! It's a feeling I've tried to describe but you just have to hear it for yourself
Hearing the orca sends a shiver down my spine, it brings back all my fond memories of hearing and seeing orca in the wild
HEARING the orcas makes a HUGE difference, and wondering what they are saying, how they communicate , and seeing how the sounds relates to their behaviors.
Hope for the future 
How close the Orca families are.
How engaged Orca's and other animals are in their activities.
How much the Orcas are like a family.
I am ALWAYS moved when I watch the whales... 
I am amazed at the ties among the whales.
I am emotionally moved every time I watch NN live webcasts  -  whether or not there are dolphin, whales or turtles to see.  There is so much going on under the water, above the water and changes in the surroundings, i.e. incredibly beautiful sunsets, sunrises, moon shots, snow on the mountains, etc.  Some of the comments posted (on both sides of the board) elicit deep, heart-felt emotions.
I am impressed by how they are in family groups
I am in awe of the family structure & close bonds the whales display.
I am particularly moved by the songs of the orcas, but I don't really know why. 
I am truly amazed of Orca Live.  It has brought me closer to Nature, and especially Orca.  It is very nice to be able to recognise some of the Orca and follow their lives.  Truly a moving experience for me because it has opened my eyes to many issues.
I became aware of the site late in the season.  Since I work long hours I don't have a lot of time to view and would sometimes just 'tune in' at night hoping to hear the vocalizations.  Finally, one night I was fortunate to have the opportunity of listening to the orcas for the first time.  It was an enormous thrill to be able to hear these magnificent creatures.  I will not forget it and will be back to watch from the very beginning of the season next year.  Thanks so much.
I cried the day Orca Live closed it's season. I cried when I saw my first Orca family swim close by the Crafcroft Point camera, with baby Orcas, spyhops, breaches, tail lobs, pec slaps; was awesome! I was in awe by all Orca behaviour and sounds and the underwater cameras are breathtaking as well.
I did a five day kayaking trip in Johnstonne Strait in 2003, where I heard about Orca-live. We saw many orcas every day.   When I watch, and especially hear (because I have a slow dial up connection and the picture is very choppy) the orcas I feel very connected to them.  It's a very heart-oriented thing.  I'm not very interested in all the banter in the community section, just love it when the whales are around.  I tune in every spare moment I can squeeze out of my day!
I donated to a fund to help sustain wolves.
I dont think anyone could watch live webcasts and not be moved.  I am always moved by animals, orcas especially. They are so beautiful, powerful yet majestic. And people could learn a lot from them, how to be better people for instance. Orcas know how to be loyal and how to love, they know whats important. We could all learn a lot.
I enjoy watching the Orca and listening to their song.  Although it seems that in 2004 the images were not as clear as in 2003.
I feel alive and again part of the world.  I live on the shore of Lake Ontario and watch the canada goose and swans   right now the bay is frozen
I feel as though I can connect with the whales, even though I am many miles away.  It is very peaceful to watch them, and I find it very relaxing.
I feel that I am a lot more conscience of what I do in my day to day life (ie. washing the car, recycling...)  might affect the environment -- in particularly the Orcas along the BC coast. 
I find watching the whales very relaxing.
I get almost the same sense of euphoria as when I saw  Orca whales in the San Juan Islands area.
I had never before seen Orca in the wild  and hearing them communicate and interact with one another has been a privilige.
I have answered  most of this #9 just above (#8).
The colour that comes across my screen & the
motion of the seaweed, plants swaying is a
very peaceful atmosphere for one's psyche!
I'm so thankful for your site & hope it goes on forever!  Thank You.
I have been constantly moved by watching and learning individual pods who I have been able to read about and ask questions about, and see on a regular basis
I have been moved by many things while watching NN.  Too many to list, but by way of an example... During the season just past a Father posted a message about his daughter who had been undergoing chemotherapy the whole summer.  She (Jodie) had found the orca to be 'soulmates' during her treatment.  I believe many have found such a connection but nothing demonstrates this better than the poem Jodie wrote....
"The Orcas touch something deep within me Their calls make me tingle inside like no other sound They make me feel whole Peaceful and serene At one with the important things in the world They calm the storm inside of me And smooth my ruffled feathers When I feel scared of what is in front of me I imagine Blackney and Pointer swimming at my side Guiding me through the rough weather Staying with me until the waters calm Like a drop of water hitting the surface of a pool The ripple spreading out The peace engulfs me And I feel calm and still With Blackney and Pointer at my side in spirit I can get through anything."
I have been moved by the grace and majesty of the Orca as they travel through the strait.
I have been moved by the sense of peace that wells up in me as I watch the underwater world, the changing colors, undulating kelp and endless fish...
I have been moved to tears of sheer delight many times by the peace and beauty.  I am moved to be able to get so close to nature, the sights, the sounds, the changing moods, the changing weather, the beautiful scenery, a feeling that the very sea will spill from the computer screen over my desktop.  The first faint, distant calls of the orcas never fails to send a shiver of excitement and anticipation and then to be able to watch them as we do on Orca-Live, is like welcoming loved friends into your home.
I have been moved watching my childrens reactions, I have seen Orcas live here on Saltspring Island.
I have been moved when i see a mother and her baby in the pods. It brings happy tears to my eyes because the world is full of turmoil and this is a part of the world ppl need to see. 
i have been moved, because after watching orcalive, i've realized that orcas do not belong in small captive pools in amusement parks, but in the wild where they have no bounderies.  it's sad watching watching them perform stunts that can harm the animal in shows and people don't realize that, they just think it's pure amusement.  orcas are not ment to be veiwed in pools, only in the worlds'  oceans.
I have come to realize that the "social and family life" of the resident orcas is unique - their sense of bonding and their sense of family is wonderful to behold!  
I have mostly watch Orca-Live, to actually see the beautiful live feed of the orcas, dolphins in their own enviroment, how they interact with each other, and their sense of family.  To hear their calls, the disticnt difference in language was very exciting to me.
I have never been able to see one, neither has my wife on her computer. What program do we need to be able to see the live webcasts?
I have seen the orcas in Johnstone Strait live for many years. To be able to see and hear them in my home and feel like I am actually there, is an amazing treasure and I can not describe how happy it makes me feel. It is the next best thing to being there. 
I have visited and watched the orcas for 15 years.  I am moved that from the middle of the country (US) I can see these magnificent creatures live!
I like seeing action,   as  it happens.  I feel like I  am actually there.  These creatures are spectacular.
I like seeing the marine organisms. I used to dive a lot, but since moving to the Okanagan 12 years ago I haven't had a dive in the ocean, and I certainly miss it. The webcam brings back happy memories of watching fish, etc. go about their business underwater.
I live in Australia and this makes it difficult for me to catch all the "action", but I was very lucky one morning to be able to watch a small group of Orca rubbing at the rubbing beach.  My 7 year old daughter watched with me and when she got to school (late) she told all of her classmates and her teacher how she had watched the orca getting clean.  Seeing the orca real-time is wonderful.
I live in Ohio on the Ohio River, so whales are not ever within my sights. I am moved by seeing their majesty in real time. I am further moved by the community, both on the 'net and on Hansen Island, who care for them so deeply.
I live in Victoria and have seen orca in the local waters.  However, I am struck by the intimacy of the TV coverage.  I feel like I am in the private world of the orca, and am drawn ever more closely into connection with them in the wonderful habitat that you watch.
I lived in southeast Alaska for the past 20 and enjoyed viewing orca anytime, whether it be live or on this website.  I now live in western Kansas and am sure I will enjoy your websuteevenmore.
I lived on Van. Island for a few years and miss it very much because of the nature and being outdoors.  I grew up on the coast and love the ocean and wild life.  I can view all of these things I grew up with online now as I live in Alberta and have other natural surroundings.
Thank you!
I love being in my home and hear the Orca's. As always nature is very important to me and your site has brought it closer to me.
I love even just listening to the orcas sounds even if theyre not in view.  
I love listening to the whale song.  It's very relaxing and also humbling to realize that these whales have their own dialect and language.
I love the orcas. They make me so happy. I'd love to live up there.
I love the video but the sounds the wonderful sounds of the Orca's language. I go threw many emotions when listening to them. When the different member come together and maybe another pods comes along I think I feel their joy of greeting. And I have heard a very mournful sounds at times so it brings a bit of sorrow too. I feel the Orca language always touches me in some way. 
I love to hear the Orca calls almost more than I love to see them.
I love to hear the Orca calls almost more than I love to see them.
I love to see the orcas coming on top of the water. They are such a beautiful sight.
I love to see them and hear them. I got to recognize the familliar calls in the pods that came around more frequently , and knew when a less familiar pod was there . I loved watching the new babies come flying out of the water and one in paticular that I was watching jumping back abd forth over mamma .  Tha day that you pulled the cameras , I cried , because I felt like I was losing my new family , the Orcas. They were part of my daily life all summer long and I can hardly wait for season 2005 . 
Now , please get the turtle camera up and running ........................ thanks
I Love watching from halfway around the world,it makes me feel as though I am really there. 
I love watching killer whales. They look so graceful in the water despite their size. Watching your site reminds me of when I lived on the west coast and of having seen live them when kayaking.
I love watching the orca at the rubbing beach.   I'm also invigorated when I see the orca breaking the surface of the water in the bay.  Their calls, along with the sound of the water, are like music.  I grew up on the coast of California but I am now landlocked.  This site releases my inner spirit and cleanses it.
Thanks for another wonderful year!
I love watching the orca's and how they interact and seem to play with each other
I love watching the orca's interactions.
I loved knowing that I was watching them at the same time they were on my monter.
I moved mostly by the orca's calls. Especially when we first hear distant calls - makes one feel that we are part of their underwater world, and that these creatures travel such great distances.  I am also moved by the day to day life we see via the underwater cams.  From sea cucumbers and urchins to octopus, seals and orcas
I really enjoy watching the Orcas. I went kayaking in Johnstone Straight and it reminds me of that time. It is great to tune in when it is dark in my timezone and still light there. That reminds me of a bigger world than just my own little "bubble."
I still remember the day that my sister( who knows what a displaced west coast wanna be I am) told me about this cool web site she heard of called Orca Live. I immediatly logged on at work and was thrilled beyond belief. I had just found Race Rocks a couple of months before, but this was so awesome. Then the first Orca call came through the speaker and I jumped from never hearing that sound before, my heart did in fact pound in my chest. A few minutes later the camera swung around and there was an Orca just as I had seen many years ago, but here in front of me!! That day I cried at work, and there were many more days like that, where my heart was pulled in the direction of the Orca and the west coast. Even now, 4 years later the Orcas can still bring tears of gratitude to my eyes, I feel so blessed and privileged to be able to share in the life of the Orca. ( Thank you Paul Spong and Helena and the all the volunteers whom I have envied from the prairies)
I sure have
I tune into ORCA-live regularly.  I really like it.
I was dumbstruck by the clarity of the understanding that whales, etc. are living in sync with their environment and man is NOT.  The oil spills this season, the giant cruise ships and boat noise.  And the list goes on

I also began to see that The Creator of life doesn't make junk - man does. 
I was extremely moved by the webcast where the orcas were up against the shore using the rocks as a scratching post.  I found the very fascinating.
I was last Sommer unplanned in Bere Point . I felt a big respect for Orcas, other wilddlife and plants just watching, listening, feeling. I met many different people with a kind of spirit and big knowledges.
Watching live webcastes moved my feeling to the nature. I hope that some local people through them love and engagement are protecting the animals. I am pleased having the opportunity to share the sounds and pictures live from my country.
I was lucky enough to be watching live last year when the Orca was trying to swish the salmon out from the side of the rock wall.  This year I happened to be watching when the Orcas were "interacting" with the dolphin.  The orca families, their calls, and the graceful movements thrill me, the boat noise and sometimes the ignorance of boaters on the water infuriates me.  Luna's plight worries me and I hope he can be successfully reunited with his pod.
I was moved to tears the first time I heard Killer Whales in the wild. I had been sitting in front of the PC off and on for 3 days and had yet to see one. When the beautiful squeals and whistles came across my speakers for the first time I was awestruck. 
I was really touched by the moving of Springer.
I was watching one day at work when a Orca came hurtling out of the water and everyone else watching remained watching for the rest of the day.
I would like even more free the Dolphins and Whales.
I wouldn't call it moved but I have greatly enjoyed watching all the undetwater activity taking place.  I used to scuba dive so the fish watching brings back an enjoyable experience for me.
I'm always moved when I see the orca's swimming free and hear them communicating. Also love the communication between people from around the world.
I'm here, the kelp and the fishies and the orcas are there, yet I can see them and hear them.
I'm in total awe every time I see the orcas swimming free in their natural habitat.
I'm moved by how beautiful the fish and plant life is in its natural setting.  How wonderful to just look into their world without causing any interruptions.
I'm moved by the sound of whales and their interaction with the environment.
I'm moved by the whole experience, seeing the wild orcas, turtles and all the sea life from my own home, being able to communicate with Orca Lab and with people from all over the world. In general it's an amazing intense experience
images and sounds of orcas. Impressed by the fragility of the ecosystem.
In particular by the sounds - especially on "super pod days"
in recognizing what beautiful creatures these orcas are
It could be anything.  I think one of my favorite times was seeing a female orca and her calf swimming together. I've seen pictures of such but to see them live was incredible.
It is a simple reminder that life is HAPPENING NOW beyond my tiny realm of existance.
It is always moving to watch the whales, but the sunsets and full moons, the mist and the rains are moving as well. God is very evident on OL
It is amazing to see the Orcas but it equally amazing to dee the beauty of the area.  I wish I could be there every day.
It is awesome to be able to watch live.
It is hard to image the size of these whales and how freely and smoothly they can swim about.  Also, You really appreciate the efforts the staff of Orca Live put into this project for the love of research.
It is lovely just to see things I wouldn't usually get to see.
It is wonderful to see the orca.  They have been one of my favourite animals since I was a child.  It is a thrill to see them live.
It was always a dream of mine to watch whales in the wild, in their own enviroment. So, I was just overwhelmed, when I saw my first Humpback and Orca via OL-Live!
it´s amazing to see orcas via computer, "live", not on some video. I desperately want to see them live, but this helps for now.
It's a way for me to get away from the city. I feel somewhat calmed and content to watch and to listen to the live webcasts. I'm thankful that there are people who have dedicated their life's work to these animals.
It's just really calming to listen to the water and the orcas call..I also liked watching sea urchins and other fish go by the camara
It's wonderful to be able to see the scenery and the whales of Johnston strait while sitting at brings back memories of times spent there.
I've been amazed about the wonders of technology. It's kind of ironic that we needed state-of-the-art technology to bring us the basics of life. I am very sensitive about the beauty of this world, so I'm moved everyday by the sunset, by the families of orcas together, by the curious fish monitoring the camera, by the kelp forest anf the strong currents, by the people behind their computers. Makes me realize of this perfect world, and that everyday, every little detail, is a miracle happening before our eyes.
I've been moved by the beauty and grace of the orcas..  Also listening to their calls.
i've been moved by watching the orca's at the rubbing beaches & how they seem to use the beach as their personal "back scratcher" & by all of the baby orcas that were born this year that i've seen on the camera.It seems like it was a record year for births.
I've been very moved by the sounds of the Orca. Their calls are beautiful, full of emotions.
Just being able to see orca and turtles in their own environment is wonderful and not something I would be able to see normally.
Just by seeing animals in the wild and we are not harming them in any way. We are able to sit in the comfort of our homes and not CHASING the whales down in boats.
Just feel peaceful listening to the whales.
Just having the honour and priviledge to share in the world that the Orcas live in, views that would normally be unavailable to me, has made me appreciate these beautiful creatures so much more then before. Its so incredibly moving to see them interract as a family group in the setting that they were intended to be in - the wild, their home - not in some aquarium. The scenes of wild Orcas with their young swimming at the rubbing beach and their incredible vocalisations was a scene that I was lucky enough to share with my children and is something we will never forget.
Just observing the whales.....I have shared the website with many others.
Just the awesome beauty of nature at her best. These creatures are soooo beautiful and I envy you your work with them> The things we can learn from them is mind boggling. Thank you!!
Just the awesomeness of these creatures, their gentleness and listening.  And the most moving part is being kept abreast of the stragglers or lost whales or sick ones that make it, etc.
Just the beauty of it all - it makes me cry very often with my passion for the Orca - and sometimes just makes me gasp in awe at the beauty that I'm priviledged to see - thanks to you guys!!!  I wish I could be up there all the time, but it's great to have the computer to see it when I can't.
Just the thrill of being able to watch whales/turtles (any creature) in their own environment, and to see them up close and personal has been awesome! I just wish I had a better, newer computer to be able to watch for longer periods of time!
just watching the whales move along in unison and hunting as a group made me realize what a close family bond they really have.
Just watching their antics and their co-existence with 1 another, hearing them communicate with each other.
Kayaked Johnstone Strait in August 2004 and just seeing the whales upon my return home made me feel one with them again. 
Let nature take it's coarse. Only human interventions would be as "Springer" being returned to her family. Hopelfully Luna will find his way as well.  We could, and have learned from these magnificent animals. All we need to do is learn from a distance.
Listening to animals that live underwater
Listening to to real life sounds is awsome!
Live camera is great!
lived in WA  for years and enjoy being able to watch the whales and other nature that you show
Many reasons.  It's nice to know it's live.  Also that I can enjoy them without capturing them or bothering them in their natural enviroment. 
Many ways.
The calls of the whales bring peace in the midst of medical / mental turmoil (mine and other viewers ie Jodie).
The joy of watching the variety of fish and Spike. 
The movement of the seaweed with the current. 
The beauty of the scenery and the sunrise/sets. 
It goes without saying that seeing the whales brings a peace that is hard to find when living in a major city (London).
Many ways.....I get sea-sick on the ocean, this helps me to see all that I am missing. Seeing whales breeching is something I have always wanted to see, and thanks to you I have.
As stated above in question 8, I realize too how much humans are ruining things in other ways for the animals underwater.
Mostly by the sounds...continuously ...moreso than the pictures. 
moved many times, many ways(from wonder,  awe, joy, curiousity, spontaneous laughter to worry, indescribable frustration(that's mostly from the boat noise) .  In particular:  Raptly watching the endlessly fascinating cornucopia of life in the kelp forest, a "Call" emerged and enveloped me, mind body and soul.  Stirring my mcom
Moved to gasps of awe and tears many times as I watch and listen to orca whales in British Columbia.
No because I've never managed to see anithing except  a few algae and a fish
Not moved by any one webcast - I just find them all fasinating
Not only by the whales actions but all the other sea life captured on your underwater cameras
not realy
Nothing in particular.  I am deeply touched by the efforts of the Spong family and encouraged to participate in anyway I possiblly can to increase awareness of this fragile system we have been giving the blessing to co habitate.
Observing the rubbing beach video shots
Oh my yes! I have been moved by the sheer beauty of the orca, he is an animal that could easily entice me to swim with him. In fact I dream of doing just that all the time. I love being able to watch and hear the orcas in real time and where they live. I salute Orca live and Paul Spong for the wonderful job they do.
Oh yes!! I have been moved to tears many times by the vision of the orcas gliding through the water in such beautiful unison, by their obvious caring for their family units, their wonderful sounds of communication leaves me at peace, especially when I've stayed awake late into the night to listen to them & often wondered what they were saying. I mustn't forget to mention the young people who stand out at Cracroft Point day & night to bring us such inspiring sights as the beautiful sunrises, magical golden sunsets, & mystical moonlight reflecting on the waters of Johnstone Straight.
Oh yes, b/c I live in MI I feel a little landlocked (even though we are surroudned by the Great Lakes) and therefore unable to enjoy the beauty of the beings in the ocean
oh yes, weather its fish or orcas crossing the screen  i want to watch it all, It is not very often that I have the oppurtunity to watch nature every saterday morning1
orca live
orca Live , it has brought the Orca life into a perspective that parallels the human life 
orca live is just a great place to feel like u are a part of the experience..... 
Orca-live and a little bit the turtle website
Orcas and the music they make.
Orca's en little fish 
Orcas foraging in Blackfish Sound
Realizing that the biggest single threat to the Orca's existence is humans, including both chemical and noise pollution, as well as physical harassment.
Rubbing Beach and the closeups of these beautiful creatures
same as 8
Scenes from the rubbing beach.  This is something that is only available through OL since that area is off limits to humans both on the beach and in the water.  Vocalizations never fail to bring tears to my eyes!
See answer # 8
Seeing nature helps me appreciate the beauty and our need to protect it.
Seeing nature on my desktop is pretty amazing
Seeing Orca family groups hunting or traveling together.
Seeing Orca in natural enviroment,rubbing on the beach,resting in a line etc. I loved falling asleep to thier calls
Seeing the baby orca jumping
Seeing the orcas in the natrual state, especially at the rubbing beaches.  They are so sweet and beautiful.  What I htink adds most to the experience is the audio - hearing them toalk to each other.  I love hearining their songs even though they aren't in view.  It's just amazing.
Seeing the porpoise being "played with" by the killer whales and just seeing the areas that I have kayaked with David Arcese and being in contact with your base which I have been to with David.
Seeing the whales going about their daily activities and also being able to see and feel a part of the beauty of the area in which they live.
seeing the wild orcas...otherwise impossible for me!
Seeing the wildlife in it's natural state. Even watching the kelp swaying and the sea urchins - it's very tranquil, and beautiful.
Since I first saw marine mammals I was enchanted by them. Since then I have tried to find out more about them. I'm a second year biology student, and as main direction I'm going to choose marine biology. Hence my interest. Especially my connection to orca's and humpback whales is deep. I hope to see them in the wild at least once in my life.
Since I rarely saw the Orcas, or other animals, I cannot say I was, but if I had learned of the webcams earlier I suspect I would have been.
Since I was 7 I wanted to be a marine biologist, but unfortunately my path lead me down another road to be an Animator. I have always found the orca to hit a chord in my heart, so every time that I hear a call or see them glide across the screen I find tears in my eyes and or my heart swelling with love for those beautiful creatures. I could not have asked for a better bunch of people to open up a small window into their lives and let me peek in on them. To this twenty year old it's a dream come true, and I thank everyone at NN for brining a little more beauty and joy into my life, and make a little bit of my old dream a reality, thank you from the bottom of my heart! 
Sometimes, especially after viewing the orcas either foraging or playing close to the camera, it brings nature close to home, making me realize how precious and necessary they are to our world.
Sort of. Emotions a hard thing to describe.
sound and view of orcas - so huge and so intelligent - great to meet
Springer just have to love that girl...and the way her family took her in and broke her of her bad habits...any girl that has the spunk to enchant & keep up with the big boys (A36's) is very very special....Special mention has to go to A51 Nodales (she must have been a special friend to Sutlej.
Springer's release.
That I can sit in my home a venture out into the natural world without leaving a footprint or damage.
That I can sit in my home thousands of klms away and watch the orcas live is mind blowing
That these animals are still out there in spite of what we humans are doing to destroy their habitat and by direct consequence our own. I'm not sure if we're ever going to learn - if we do wake up, unfortunately, it will be too late. Depressingly we should have got the message back in 1930. 
The ability to bring nature to the viewers who can't get to nature.
The awesome environment that is rich in wildlife doing normal activities oblivious to
the human presence.
The awesome scenes of nature's creatures playing and gathering together, unmolested by humans.  Wish we could just further the education needed to encourage the next generation to apprecciate what we have without stripping things dry. 
the beauty and grace of the animals
i also get upset thinking about how we are destroying the environment and the how animal are suffering needlessly.  But I'm glad to know that there are people like you guys out there advocating for the animals.
The beauty and grandeur of nature as it should be...the trees, ocean, mountains, wildlife, and of course the sound & sight of the orcas.  
The beauty and peacefulness of nature.
The beauty is amazing!
the beauty of it all, the precious resources that are so fragile
The beauty of the ocean, the orcas and all of nature in general.
The beauty of the Orcas and their calls.  It just hurts to think of them in captivity.  I wish we could do more to free the captive Orcas and Dolphins.
The beauty of the views moves me, but more so it is the calls of the orcas that reach into my being and touch some fiber in me.  It is some deep connection to another living thing that conveys a feeling of calmness and joy in being alive and part of this world.
the beauty of the whales is just awesome.  knowing that it is live just makes more special.
The beauty of their song...
The beauty of these whales and other sea life is so beautiful, I can hardly describe it.  I am humbled by the closeness of the Orca families.
The beauty!! Raw beauty of the mountains, fish, birds,sunsets,moon, sounds of the whales(!!!!!).... even comments on the board. Amazed, awed and enveloped by the continual beauty and tranquility of the underwater shots!!!!!!
The broadcasts keep me close to the scene of the lifestyle of the orca
The cameras at Robson Bight.  When the orcas go there to rub I have such mixed feelings; I am glued to the screen, amazed, but also feeling like a peeping tom; I wonder if we should be spying on them in such a private place.  Their demeanor changes seems to change when they are there, almost like they know they are "offstage". I wonder if we shouldn't respect their privacy while there.
the excitement of first seeing the orcas breaking the surface of the water, then the excitement of first seeing them leap from the water, telling other people about it and then hearing their excitement when they have their firsts.  
the fact that even with the distance in real time - yo still have the opprotunity to look and feel the wildlife .... sensational
the family interaction and hearing them is great
the first time i saw the whales live on your cam  when they were blowing
The first time I was able to see orcas through the live cam.  It was wonderful.  I've always like orcas, but seeing them in real time was amazing.  I was absolutely moved, a very exciting experience for me.  
The freedom of these creatures in their natural habitat.
the grace and socialability
the incredible pictures you capture - whether it be the orcas up close or the beautiful sunsets up there.
the interactions of the various pods when they first get together
The killer whales vocalizing makes me wish I could talk back to them. So beautiful.
The live orca camera and sounds...
The magnificence of the orcas !!
The mothers and babies! Watching how the mothers take care of the babies, and even some of the others in the pod will swim along. 
The noise of ships and human acivity in the water around the orca.  Feel very fortunate to be able to see orca just being themselves.  Love eharing them.
the only chance i could listen to the sounds and how they talk to each other
The opportunity to have a peek at what is happening underwater up in Blackney Channel, and to see an Orca swim by, confirming what I can only imagine, is moving.
The opportunity to hear intelligent communication between the orcas -- especially the signature sounds that some pods make.
The opportunity to watch nature in the moment.  I have become so much more aware of Orcas and have learned so much from watching.
The orcas
The Orcas are amazing.We adopted "A" pod
The orcas are beautiful and their water ballet brings about poetry in me.
The Orcas voices touch my soul.  They are amazing and magnificent to watch, but their voices make my heart smile from whichever room I am in.   When things have been quiet, and "someone" calls, I find myself smiling & replying "Well! There you are!"   I have been playing my CD so often - I do not like having my space without OrcaSong.  Two comments from the board express my  thoughts for me -- "I hope there are Orcas in Heaven " - from Terri in Florida, and "Whoever said silence is golden has not visited OrcaLive" - from Cantab in NZ.  They move me profoundly.
The orcas, I saw them myself whilst on holiday in Victoria this summer. Pure magic to watch them from my computer here in London.
The reality that can be drawn through the ilive webcasts. It does not replace the beauty of it but it does play a role in increasing the awareness.
The realness, the beauty, the frequency.  It feels as if the Orca's are much closer to me now that I can see them so often.  It makes it that much more important to have a clean & healthy planet for these Orca's to thrive.  Helps promote the thought of not destroying other species & how fragile our planet is.
the relationships and communication amoung Orcas - and although I can't see them, Paul and Helena and friends are the most moving people ever met!  Sunrise and sunsets - special favorites - hearing the Orcas singing is the absolute BEST!!!! Very moved buy what I'm not watching but learning from the people on the board.
The return of Springer brought tears to my eyes as well as watching the turtles in their nature environment, seems so surreal.
the sheer beauty of nature, both the animals and the scenery frequently move me to tears!
The sheer glory.
The society in which I live is an artificial concrete and steel world, denuded of natural animals and habitat.  Each time I reconnect with nature it is a euphoric epiphany and NN enables this reconnection each day.
The sound is very particular and brings unexpected closeness.
Also the various weather conditions do its part.
the sound of the orca's, its hits right in the heart and soul
The sounds and sights during NN live webcasts often send chills down my spine. It amazes me every time I watch it!
The sounds of the orca is mesmerizing, the sights of Hansen Island make to long to be elsewhere, and the underwater scenes help to cool my spirit during the hot Phoenix summers.
The sounds of the Orcas are like music to me!
The sounds of the Orca's!
The sounds of the whales, the scenery,  the awesome might of Mother Nature.
The sounds on OrcaLive. The beauty of the animals. The pure joy they seem to have during certain activities.
The sounds, the water sounds and the orca sounds make me want to move to an island off the coast of Washington.  Since I live in Texas,  that is not probable, but the sounds do make me feel as though I were near the action.
The thrill of possibily seeing a whale on camera...observing the intriguing underwater world of the Pacific...the ultimate feeling of peace at times while watching and it's fun to see the number of people connected at the same time as me!
The under water whale webcast
The vocalization absolutely fascinates and excites me.  And then to see the orcas gliding through the water...sometimes it takes my breath away.  I miss them!
the way the orcas interact with each other in their pods, the breaching, spyhops just overall how they're thriving in their natural environment
The webcasts usually transport me from my harried, stressful work enviroment to a much more peaceful state of mind. I always come away filled with awe and able to put everything back into perspective. 
The whales are so beautiful in there own envoironment, when watching them I feel so at peace. 
They are something different and live is always better
They have not been online since I started.
This service has been absolutely wonderful. It's amazing to be able to watch sea life whenever I want, and I've been known to watch for hours just for a quick sight of an Orca.

The community that has sprung up around this site is great, and I've been so glad to be able to watch these webcasts from my hinderance of being far, far away from the ocean.
Thrilled to see the whales live and hear them.
To know that I can sit in my living room and watch these amazing living creatures in their natural habit  without interfering with them is to me a mind blowing event.
to look into quieter means of marine transport
To see and hear the orca's during the season and the communication with OL and the audience gives me a lot of joy and awareness.
NN live webcast made it possible for me to study the whales on a daily bases, while I am in Europe.
To visit the North Island and it's ocean is to fall in love with one of the most beautiful places in the world....not  to mention the beautiful creatures and wonderful people...that inhabit it's spaces. We often talk about moving there. The best part is we can "go there" with a click of a mouse....and almost feel the breeze on our faces...until we can again visit....Bill and Fran Morehead
Totally, every time I heard or saw something I was totally in awe of it, I'm no techno freak but on those occasions I feel technology is fantastic, especially as I am unable to get out in a boat nearly as often as I would like, and live in a part of the world which is mostly devoid of this type of wildlife, therefore it is not easily accessible to me. To hear and see the orca and sea lions, fish and other wildlife is totally moving because it is live.
Unfortunately I did not learn of these sites until late last fall so have not seen much activity.  I look forward to watching when there is some action to watch and be moved by.  I have watched nestcams and panda cams, etc. and am a birder and nature lover.
Unfortunately till now, my only experience watching orcas has been at commercial aquarium performances and in their tanks. The experience of seeing them in real time is wonderful. My next hope is that I see them in their natural habitat soon in the Pacific northwest.
very interesting
Very much so! To see orcas in their natural habitant gliding through the water without leaving my home is a wonderful blessing to me. Each time I see them is just as exciting as the first time and still cry each time. Thank you so much for making this available to the public!
Very much so. Families of orca. 
want to watch it in person
Watching and hearing the whales, turtles and other wild life (Afican) in it's natural habitat is so moving! Never in my life did I think it was possible! Thank you so much!
Watching how the orca's interact with each other, the sounds they make move me tremendously.
Watching Orca Live has more increased my knowledge.  I am continually amazed at the shear majesty and grace of orcas in the wild.  I am also incredibly gratified by the closeness of the OL community.  This has truly become a global group of friends who meet every day via the web and often in person.  Without NN a community such as this would truly ot be possible.
watching orca-live has made me feel the constancy of nature, which is a stabling factor in a volatile world.   i take consolation in the communication among the pod members, in the way they go about their daily business, and in their physical beauty.  while my views about nature have not changed, my thoughts about human involvement in improving the environment have been altered.  perhaps it is the events of the past few years, over which individuals have had little control, that makes me want to impact, for the good, our effects on the natural world.   i can see the wonder in the eyes of young people watching the orcas at my school, and i hope that your efforts will strengthen their commitment to appreciate and preserve the world around us.
watching the oracas and seeing the rain drops on the camera lens makes me almost feel the rain and smell the ocean.
Watching the orcas always moves me.  I have become so enthralled with them, that I made a trip to Port McNeill to see them.  
Watching the orcas in particular can be such a moving, inspiring, joyous and emotional experience.  I shed tears when I knew the season would come to an end.  I can hardly wait until the email arrives that you are ready to be a special part in my life once again.
Watching the orcas on the rubbing beach this year was amazing.
Watching the orcas sends chills through all my family-they are spectacular.
Watching the orcas takes me back to my boyhood in Alert Bay when I used to have them all around my little rowboat out in Broughton striats fishing. Thanks for that!!
Watching the Orcas, Beluga Whales and Sea Turtles on live web cams.
watching the social interaction @ rubbing beach
Watching the young orca calves with their parents and being able to see them on the rubbing beach.
Watching whales or turtles at real time while they are in the other side of the world is really incredible, fantastic. And so hearing thier sounds.
We had the privilege of seeing Orcas live (and your camera site!) last year when we were kayaking. The NN webcasts bring back amazing memories and tied in with that, being able to see and hear them from my desk in London is fantastic.
Whaching the family interaction of the orcas
Whales at the rubbing beaches are breathtaking and leave me speechless.  Even better that whales breaching.
When I first found OrcaLive, I was absolutely amazed at the opportunity we had been given to witness the lives of wild orcas no matter where we were. The very first time I connected, I waited only seconds before I saw an orca on camera and heard a long, clear resting call. I nearly cried at that moment, and I spent nearly every waking hour of the 2004 season on OrcaLive after that.
When I see the whales for the first time in the summer. when I see the new baby whales in their natural habitate. When I see new baby sea turtles in their natural habitat. Knowing these babies are where they should be, free. And I cried like a baby when OL shut down for the season because I felt like I was losing a very good friend. I am looking forward to July when it comes back.
Whenever I see the beautiful orcas in our waters....especially when there is a new baby and I feel moved whenever I hear their music.
Wonderful to be able to watch the whales and other wildlife in their own habitat without disturbing them.
working on environmental issues can be depressing some days, but the broadcasts move me because they remind me of the vast beauty I am here to protect. 
yeah very.It is just amazing to be able to see and hear what goes on. It does not have to be anything specific. I just like being there in a virtual way
Yes --- it so awe inspiring to be able to watch God's beautiful creations anytime you want, especially when you are not near the ocean.  The orcas are spectacular!!
Yes - just by observing nature as it's meant to be - and also seeing/hearing the affects of mechanical intrusions in the Strait.  I think the most memorable webcast was early in the season a few years ago - it had been stormy and had finally cleared - the sun was setting and Helena (I believe) had been adjusting the above-ground lens - and had focused it on a pod off in the distance - once they had left, she kept the view angled over towards one of the islands - the setting sun, the orca calls in the distance, no boat traffic whatsoever - it was totally mesmorizing - everyone really enjoyed it that day!
Yes -- simply by the beauty and wonder of nature!  We recently took an Alaska cruise and sailed to Vancouver.  Just watching the whales on your site brings back spectacular memories!
Yes - the first time I tuned in to OrcaLive and saw those magnificent animals "live" on my computer screen I was so excited and in awe that I had tears rolling down my cheeks.  After that moment I was addicted to the website!!  
Yes - Watching the smaller ones playing and interacting with the adults. 
Yes and mainly by watchin the Orca's
yes i have been moved because you know when something great happens  like the orcas  jumping  out of the water it is not that they have been TRAINED!!  to do it they do it because it comes naturally to then and that is what they want to do at that giving moment
Yes I have been moved by watching the orcas. To hear them in their natural habitat is so exciting and to see them is such a blessing.
yes I have been moved when watching NN live webcasts.  I really enjoy hearing the background noise of the ocean and just being at home on the couch and still be watching the ocean.
Yes I have. By seeing the wildlife in their own  enviorment has given me more concern for that enviorment of what we as human beings are doing to that enviroment they live in.
Yes I have. I loved watching the Orca's especially when the camera comes right up close. I love identifing what group of Orca's it is. It's great to see something that is going on in a completly different place when i am just sitting in my house. 
Yes I think seeing them puts a whole new out look on life.
Yes I've been moved.  Watching the live webcasts and the majestic actions of the orcas gives me a greater appreciation for these animals.  I also work with mentally challenged individuals who come into my office to see the orcas and they get so excited to see something they would otherwise not be able to view in a live situation.  Their world is enlarged by the opportunity they have of viewing this website.
Yes very much so,for one reason I sit in my home and I can watch 'live' broadcasts of 'live ' eagles and the whales,and on turtle live,some of the most beautiful fish,scenery that I know I will never really get to see in person but here I m at the computer and watching it .Unbelievable!
Yes very much, I would say just by the awe of watching some of natures beautiful creatures in their natural environment. We need to spend more time in contemplation of the beauty available to us everywhere we look.
Yes!  Just by a fish swimming by!  By spying on seaweed.  By hearing the Orca's!
YES!  The beauty of the world underwater, watching the casual fish swim by the camera, the seaweed moving, the orca's beauty in sound & movement.  Love to watch them scratch their bellies on the rocky bottom of the ocean.
Yes!  The can have conversations and they sound so beautiful even tho i can't understand a word!
Yes! I am moved by the rhythm of the sea - the swaying kelp, the patterns of light and the colours, the movements of creatures: the slow passing of a snail or anemone over the camera lens, or the constant passing of large schools of fish, the almost leisurely inspection of the surroundings by a single fish.
I enjoy the orcas, but I am inspired by the underwater vista. Occasionally I am disturbed by the lnoise of engines and turn the PC sound down, but usually I tolerate it in order to be able to hear the orcas.
Yes!!!!!!!!  Brings out the empathy in me.
Yes, a seal swimming by.
Yes, before I found NN I used to watch ShamuCam, I didn't want to but this was my only chance on seeing orcas. When I discovered Orca-Live, when I forst watched live broadcast cast of them I cried; this was how they were supposed to be, since then I was completely hooked. Before, I loved orcas but this website has strengthened my love of them.
Yes, being so far away from orcas I`m always moved watching them pass by the cameras. Just listening to them can actually send shivers down my spine  :-)
Yes, but I find the DVDs more moving because of my equipment.
Yes, by how much I miss being out in the field... instead I'm stuck in a big city every day!
yes, by learning and watching how the family pods communicate and react with each other
Yes, by seeing the fragility of their environment.
Yes, by the awesome beauty of nature!
Yes, by the beauty, of the creatures, the scenery and the opportunities to feel a part of the natural world, even when I am working at a computer.
Yes, by the sheer majesty of the Orcas
Yes, by the whales.
Yes, how beautiful nature is.
Yes, I feel lucky to be watching.
Yes, I have become very good at spotting the calls of specific pods.  I had no idea I would be able to distinquish between the different pods.
Yes, I have been more emotional about Orcas ever since and even more passionate.
Yes, I just love marine mammals.
Yes, I love feeling that close to the sea lions.  I feel like I'm out there with them.
Yes, I was born in Prince Rupert BC, and from an early age I was fortunate enough to have boating/sailing as a big part of my life. I haven't been to sea for over 15 yrs. (work injury)  Watching NN live brought back a wave of memories!  I've witnessed transients in a seal slaughter and many times the stare from curious orcas checking out my sailboat... (a very spiritual experience) When watching your broadcasts I can remember vividly the sights, sounds, & smells along with profound sense of  freedom cruising around our coast.  I think I've been very blessed indeed.
Yes, it is amazing to see live broadcasts in my living room. The orcas and turtles and fish are just awesome. I like knowing it's live as I watch it.
yes, it's like being given a key to a secret world you never knew existed
yes, I've had encounters with orcas in the wild, and  being able to view them from home moves me.
Yes, many times so it's hard to highlight just one but the sounds on orca-live, both the orca and the above-water sounds of nature are moving.
Yes, many times.  Hearing the orca calls for the first time was thrilling & spine chilling & remains our favourite part of the webcasts, though seeing them is pretty special.  The rubbing beach visits, listening to what seem to be 'pleasure' sounds - certainly variations on their normal calls & then being able to see them with the cam + hear their blows.  WOW.  Recognizing Springer's call.... as well as being able to recognize some of the individual matrilines, pods & clans.  It's also wonderful to see & participate in the interaction of the human community of posters on the comments board [OL staff included!] & to have struck up friendships with many from around the world.
Yes, more confidence to change my own research directions from medicine to nature.
Yes, watching the wild orcas insprired me to write a letter to SeaWorld explaining my thoughts on captivity.
Yes, when a whale comes up out of the water is just a fantastic sight.  They are a really graceful mammal.
Yes, your webcasts have brought a life to a girl from England who probably will never ever see an Orca in real life, but could tell you all the names of the Orca's that are in the pod with Blackney and Pointer or that live in that area.  It makes me smile when she gets all enthused like she does when she gets the alert from you that whale calls have been heard or that the orca's are in the imediate area. She tells everyone in the chatroom to go see them and puts the website in the room for all to get it. She's a real live commercial for you and I know that there are a lot in the chatroom that now watch the Orca's because of her.
Yes,,,,,,,, love seeing the whales and hearing them converse between each other. Even had a chance to see them off shore in Oregon in Oct. 2004 from balcony of motel. You are a joy to watch and we must help keep them safe.
Yes.  Being able to watch the underwater animals that I don't get to see on a normal basis is exciting.
Yes.  I have brought my kids into watching the Orca.  We watch them together and the excitement we get from seeing them is beyond words.  This has added quality time with my family with the sites and sounds.
Yes.  It's stunning to hear and see (but especially, to hear!) these animals from my sterile office which is totally connected from the natural world (not even any windows)!  There's something very primal and connective about hearing those calls.
Yes.  One incident in particular has touched my heart.  When Springer A73 was returned to her family, I was especially moved by the ceremony she received from the First Nations peoples who welcomed her in their formal outfits and decorated canoes.  They are Orca and Orca are They.
Yes.  The lyrical movements of Orcas in particular - beautiful synchronization of movements.  Love the underwater cams of kelp forests.  Love listening to the vocalizations of orcas and other creatures.
yes.  The orcas on the rubbing beach and the interaction between orcas.
Yes. By seeing & hearing orcas. I would say that the hearing them is actually a more moving part of the experience than seeing them.
Yes. By the beauty and grace of the whales but being aware that there is more there than meets the eye.
Yes. By their obvious intelligence.
yes. I especially like the orca's feeding on salmon at the beach. Like trying to get the salmon hiding in the rocks at the shore.
Yes. Orcas' calls are simply amazing. It's very different from hearing them in documentaries. This is real life.
Yes. The sights and sounds of the orcas are very moving. I am still fascinated to think that I can watch this from my home in Australia.
Yes. Watching the social interaction among them has been wonderful.
Yes. What moves me: The whales in pods - especially when they are swimming synchronously (i.e. usually!); spyhops; baby orcas swimming beside mom; the three brothers staying together and clearly loving each other; seeing Tsitka and other whales who are wise females, matriarchal, older than me, and still fit! The sunsets. The community comments quite frequently (though this may not be what you're asking about) especially when someone like Jodie a young girl who has cancer, and her Dad, join the discussions. I am moved to anger and sadness when agressive people enter the discussions and try to hurt our community.   I was moved deeply when OL shut down this year, and Paul waved :)!
Yes.... To see these pods swimming and intereacting with no human intervention though I can only imagine that they get fed up from time to time with all the boat traffic noise.
Yes....I watched maily OrcaLabs live....I have been moved by the deciation of the the Spoons and their helpers in allowing us to be a part of their research.  I am also amazed at the amount of viewers that come back year after year and how deciated they are to make sure that the Orca's are protected. the beauty of nature.
Yes...the magnificence of the whales I have observed has, at times, moved me to tears. their grace, their interaction, the sounds of their songs ...have all moved me to my core.
Mostly by the interaction between the whales.
The constant chatter between them and the playfullness (sp?) really makes you understand you are viewing very intelligent life. Really makes me feel for the whales still held in aquariums throughout the world.